CALA NY – Peaceful Rally Held in Crown Heights to Educate and Raise Awareness About Abuse Within the Corrupted Legal System

Bais Rivka High School, 310 Crown Street, Brooklyn, NY

Another historical event took place in Brooklyn.  A few members from the ultra orthodox community broke the taboo in which they spoke out against both corruption and abuse in Brooklyn. After an educational event that was supposed to educate high school girls and parents about molestation and incest awareness and prevention in Crown Heights, members of CALA – Coalition Against Legal Abuse, held signs and passed out business cards to alert the workshop attendees of the dangers of listening to the advise of some of the speakers they heard at workshop.

Henna White wwas speaking at this evening event, despite being repeatedly accused of covering up both sex crimes and cases of domestic violence.

Throughout the evening both parents and teens were encourage to bring allegations of both sex crimes and domestic violence directly to Henna White’s office at the District Attorney’s office of Kings County —  instead of going to a legitimate rape crisis center, domestic violence center, or directly to the Brooklyn Police Dept.

Ms. White acts as the liaison and victim advocate for the Jewish ultra orthodox community.  According to recent investigations, Ms. White has been providing confidential information to her defense attorney husband Asher White, who then uses the information to protect the alleged offenders, leaving those who have been victimized out in the cold.

David Mandel promoted himself as an expert in sex crimes. Mr. Mandel is the CEO and spokesperson of Ohel Children’s Home and Family Services.  Mandel does not have a clinical degree, yet promotes himself as an expert in cases of abuse and assault.  His education is in business.

As the parents and teenage girls were exiting the building, they noticed the signs stating, “Abuse Hurts — Henna White Hurts More”, and “Don’t Go To Henna, Go To The Police”.   One by one, workshop participants came up to the CALA members to ask questions.  The CALA members provided information of the problems and dangers with bringing the cases to Ms. White’s office.

Both CALA members and the parents felt empowered communicating with each other.

The message that CALA wants to relate to the community is that as Americans and citizens of New York, our community deserves to have the same civil rights as the non-observant world.  It’s time to end the alleged corruption between Henna White, her husband Asher White, Shalom Task Force, Kol Tzedek, David Mandel from Ohel.

Until the community has a better solution for prosecuting this heinous crimes, and keeping those who abuse or commit sexual offenses off the streets and behind bars… until then, DON’T GO TO HENNA WHITE, GO TO THE POLICE. DON’T GO TO OHEL, GO TO THE POLICE!

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