Urgent Call For People With A Baccalaureate Degree to Join ACS CPS

Child protective Services in NY has a division called ACS, Administration for Children’s Services. These caseworkers (child protective specialists) have historically been neglectful of children’s needs, and with last week’s news story of the death of a child, changes need to take place.

Although we are asking for the city to take action, we, the citizens of New York need to take action too. We need people to get jobs with ACS in NY. Only then, can we change the system from within. We want to make a difference. This is how to get this done.

Would you lie to a family court judge and write a report that you ‘visited the home 6 times and there presents no danger to the children’, when in reality, you never even knocked on that door? Well, it’s been done before, by workers with a supposed baccalaureate degree.

Now, we will do this the right way. We will stand by the children of New York, because every child has rights. Under the constitution, children have a “right to life”, a right to education, and children have a right to have their emotional and mental potential needs be met.

Furthermore, because there currently no statute defining the measure of psychological abuse, a worker must use intuition and training to escalate a case to the domestic violence division. Once the DV workers step in, they are trained to notice signs of parental alienation, and psychological abuse. If more cases are treated this way, more children will grow up, safely away from their abusers.

Before applying for this job, please get in contact with us. We will assist you in this holy work. Web Page with application information and job requirements. Most positions in New York City government are filled through civil service examinations, the Department of Citywide Administrative Services (DCAS).


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