Moving Forward on the Weberman and Yegutkin Cases Today, May 11, 2011

Nechemya Weberman, 52, is charged with sexually abusing a Williamsburg girl from the time she was 12 until age 15

Despite the overcast skies in Brooklyn this morning, the feeling of support warmed the courtroom; support for the victims and their families in the Weberman case. Nechemya Weberman was due back in Brooklyn’s Criminal Court today, before Judge Mondo, Part 10, Room 4.21 on the fourth floor. Nechemya Weberman, 52, is charged with sexually abusing a Williamsburg girl from the time she was 12 until age 15. He is currently out on $15,000 cash bail. With his ever dwindling support, he showed up with only one woman, presumably his wife. The harassment and juvenile behavior of the past court appearance was non existent, as they kept to themselves and made no eye contact.

Weberman’s case was adjourned to June 28, despite the fact that the grand jury minutes were already in possession of the courts. The excuse this time around, was that discovery was not complete, due to some missing police reports. Well, if we are relying on police reports to ‘resurface’ from the 90th precinct, then we already know the games well. We are confident in the evidence that we have, with or without the police reports, which historically vanish, or get minimized and closed out as ‘harassment’.

After the hearing, the court officer asked CALA NY, which side we were here to support. “We are here in support of the victims”. We were then asked to remain in the courtroom, and then wait in the hallway until Nechemya Weberman “safely” exited the building. He did comment that he understands that this is stressful for everybody, and they simply don’t want any trouble.

The Defense attorney Farkas gave a statement to the press, arrogantly exclaiming that “those bloggers make statements without knowing the details or the facts of the case, and without having access to the evidence”. Mr. Farkas, we will continue to show up in droves, to show for other victims that it is safe to speak out. We are here to support all survivors and give them a loving environment and a supportive community to fall back on, when their Rabbis and community leaders fail to protect them. The Voices of Justice, CALA NY, and Rabbi Nochem Rosenberg’s Chassidim were joined by various supporters who are driven to show support to the victims.

Upstairs, on the 17th floor, Emanuel Yegutkin, another young man accused of sexual abuse, appeared before the Honorable Riviezzo, right after the Weberman hearing. His case too, was adjourned for July 11. The

The 17th floor was abuzz with around 300 people, in support of the ACS trial being held today, on the two ACS Workers in NY CPS indicted in death of 4-year-old. The sadness and tension was felt throughout the floor. Judge Dimango was assigned to the ACS case, which is why the Weberman case was moved to Judge Mondo.

We hope that come next month, both of these pedophiles will be locked up for good. The community is aware that survivors will remain silent no longer until every single criminal is off the streets, whether it is a fellow Jew, or not.


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3 Responses to Moving Forward on the Weberman and Yegutkin Cases Today, May 11, 2011

  1. yesspam says:

    Great work. Keep it up.

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  3. debby says:

    hi this men abuse me too if you want to know more please send me email at

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