DA Will Fails To Protect The Innocent New Square Hassidim Subjected to Religious Terrorism Practices

Despite multiple protests against Chaim Rottenberg and his family, urging him to “get out of Skver”, law enforcement failed yet again to protect the innocent. An early video was courageously filmed and uploaded to youtube a year ago, showing a protest outside of the Rottenberg home, in October of 2010.

Now, a little over a year later, The Rottenbergs were brutally attacked by a young zealot who claimed to be acting the holy work for his Rebbe.

Chassidim are left to fend for themselves in New York State, where mobs of underground terrorism rule with an iron fist. What a desecration of the holy religion and God! While this religion is a beautiful one, many Jews do not deserve to be called Jewish. They are animals that should be locked up and kept off the streets. Only then will the cycle of abuse stop in its tracks.

If New Square wants to control their residents, they should turn to psychology and see what the research shows. Adolescents rejecting the religion of their parents prove that this problem appears more noticeable in a fundamentalist home where strict, conservative values exist. Studies reveal that restrictions do not foster the continuity of religious values, and religious authoritative control leads to rebellious behavioral delinquency.

Authoritarianism and harshness on the part of the parent or religious authority figure have been found to be positively related to alienation from religion in the youth. While runaway teens believe in God and believe in their religion, it is the emotional rejection to control of certain rules that triggers them to deviate.

New Square, learn from those who have done the research. These shunning practices will not be tolerated. We will stand up for our brothers in distress. We will drown your bloodthirsty cries with songs of peace. The righteous will survive this with dignity and grace, and the irreligious animals will be locked up and forgotten as they rot in their cells in preparation for hell to come.

Another group of homes are bunt down a while back, with ‘no cause for the flames’ ever found.

The Coalition Against Legal Abuse is in full support of the victim and his family. By extending a supporting loving environment to them, they can remain stronger in the heat of this pain. If victims have a place to go, they will no longer fear the threat of excommunication. The Rottenbergs would not have had to put up their own surveillance cameras, and suffered the brutality of this attack.


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3 Responses to DA Will Fails To Protect The Innocent New Square Hassidim Subjected to Religious Terrorism Practices

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  2. Giti Grosz says:

    Bail should NOT have been allowed at ANY $level for the young arsonist, Shaul!!!
    He should be held in confinement after his hospitalization until this case
    is settled. The young arsonist is part of a group that has taken intolerent sentiments toward outsiders to escalating violent levels over an extended period of time. The New Square Hassic leadership and New Square community have not responded appropriately to these acts. They fear that their insular and clannish practices will be exposed and condemned as a result of any major investigations. I fear that Shaul will be prepped to get away by land to Canada or Mexico using an impostor identification and the probe will not be explored fully. PLEASE CALL OR WRITE TO THE ROCKLAND COUNTY DISTRIC ATTORNEY IMMEDIATELY TO VOICE YOUR OUTRAGE. ASK FOR RETRACTION TO “NO BAIL”!!!

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