Is Hank Sheinkopf So Desperate That He Has To Represent the New Square Slime?

Hank Sheinkopf, New Square Lawyer in Arson Case

Hank Sheinkopf, former fierce lobbyist of the catholic league against laws protecting children from sex abuse, is now representing the Protector of molesters, in new Square. The long-time mastermind of the Clinton Doctrine, Hank Sheinkopf used to make million dollars in the Clinton administration. Now, he is representing all the Bums in New York State, including Rabbi Tendler, a sex offender Rabbi dismissed form his job.  Nothing tops the best career move, his choice to represent the Skverer Rebbe in the latest arson case.

Who is Hank Sheinkopf? Why is he so desperate? Was it not fulfilling enough for him to be a major lobbyist for the catholic league, opposing all laws protecting our children from being abused? Did he get burnt out from this hot issue?

Double-crossing his old friends just to make some money, will help pay his mortgage on his million dollar home in the Hamptons, as representing all the molesters in town?

Hank Sheinkopf was a personal friend and consultant to Bill Thompson, a decent and honorable Comptroller, until Mike Bloomberg paid him an extra dollar to flip sides.

Hank Sheinkopf, A Baal Teshuva NYPD cop can’t he get a job anymore?


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