Abuse Freedom Live Radio Show 6/26/2011 – Guest Speakers Linda Marie Sacks and CALA NY

On Sunday, Jun 26, 2011, CALA founder Ms. Annie Kay was a guest on the Abuse Freedom Live radio show, alongside Linda Marie Sacks, who recently filed her custody case in a cert petition in the united States Supreme Court. Abuse Freedom United AbuseFreedom Live Radio show Jane Boyer, President and Founder, and host Josie, Jane, and Priscilla presented real and dramatic accounts of women, children and families across the U.S. whose lives have been destroyed by many forms of government corruption.

Listen To Show Archive – Skip to 9 minutes into show after introductions are made.

Mothers and their children escaping domestic abuse have found out that the system meant to protect them, tears them apart, thrusting abused parents and children into the nightmares of legal abuse. AFU presents real and horrific cases of the kidnapping of the children by Child Protective Services, the drugging, deaths and sexual abuse of children stolen by Child Protective Services. AFU brings into the discussions experts in their respected fields such as, Doctors, Educators, Attorneys, Forensics Experts, Psychologists, Lobbyist, Civil Rights Activist and many more who “GET IT” knowing that something must change to bring reform into a broken system that marginalizes women and children.

Radio Show Synopsis

In this evening’s show, the horrifying statistics about pedophiles getting custody of their children shocked the listeners. Fathers are often awarded sole custody even when their sexual and physical abuse of the children is alleged and substantiated. According to the American Judges Association, 70% of the time the abuser convinces the court to give him custody. This is not about the fathers getting custody, we are talking about the protection of the children, as parents. Justice needs to prevail without a great cost to the children.

Listen to this show to learn how the system uses the courts to fracture the family unit, severing the ties with one parent, to bring money into the system using funding for foster care. CPS child protective services are used to turn against the protective parent.

Corruption in New York

The corruption in New York involving Ohel Children’s Home and Family Services, the largest social services in the world, is located in NY. Why are they getting $23 million dollars each year for funding for victims of domestic violence? How is it that they are turning against the protective parent? Download their Form 990 for the non-profit near you and learn more about them, is the message that was relayed

Attorney for the child

Is your child being represented by a court appointed attorney for the children? A guardian ad litem? Follow their court cases in the family court, using the free and public court calender. Ask other mothers if they have custody. Find out what the allegations are against them. Learn why they are targeting children with disabilities. Learn how to shut them up in your court case and stop their path

Government Intentionally Fracturing the Family 

Learn how the government cannot make money for functioning families in America with a preserved family unit. Learn why mothers are removed from their home, while fathers have an order of protection, and why the government arranges this. Learn how and why, men qualify for funding as a victim of domestic violence by obtaining a temporary order protection against the mothers. Children with disabilities are targeted for rapid placement into foster care, entitling the agency $5,000 in kickbacks. A call for action for local chapters of the Coalition Against legal Abuse was made, joining forces for a RICO action to dismantle the organized crime, racketeering in the family court working with social services agencies, while dissolving the need for ACS-CPS. Changes in the laws will help create a safer system that actually works.

Linda Marie’s cert petition made it into the United States Supreme court because she included the constitutional issue of a parents rights to the joy of caring for her children, in every appeal. Former lawyer Barbara C. Johnson from costa Rica entered the show to speak about training parents to find justice in the court system, and has posted many cert petitions, and a supreme court handbook on her website http://www.falseallegations.com Barbara spoke about her book Behind The Black Robe, and how she got her way because she was so outspoken about the system. This powerful show has triggered an avalanche as new moms have survived the system and have become powerful advocates across the United States.


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