Simon Taub (a.k.a. Shimon Baruch Terkeltaub) Manipulating Judge Walsh and Avoiding Trial for Extortion, Friday, July 15, 2011

New York's Chassidic Criminal, Simon Taub (a.k.a. Shimon Baruch Terkeltaub)

Simon Taub (a.k.a. Shimon Baruch Terkeltaub) in an ongoing twist of events leading to his trial for extortion and witness intimidation, continues to bribe his way through the system to avoid jail-time. Taub, who was arrested a year ago for extortion, still managed to avoid criminal trial, which was before the Hon. John Walsh in Kings County Criminal Court, this past Friday, July 15, 2011 in Brooklyn NY. The allegations remain, that Taub asked for around $250,000 for his silence after accusing the son of molester Baruch Lebovits of sexually abusing Taub’s son.

Why has this father not been charged of neglect, for failing to press charges against his son’s abuser; the best therapeutic step in sexual abuse case?

While the senior Baruch Leibowitz is sitting out his 32 year jail sentence, victims of his crimes have now also been taken off the streets, for further perpetuating heinous sexual crimes on many more others. Could this have been avoided? Absolutely!

Meir Dascalowitz, has already been remanded to a state mental facility for sexually abusing over 60 boys in the Jewish community, despite his admission that he too, is a victim of Nechemya Weberman, who in turn, is a victim of Baruch Leibowitz. Simon Taub’s son though, remains in the grips of his extortionist criminal father’s home with a wall dividing him from his mother, as ordered by a judge five years ago in the divorce case. Simon, is hoping to delay his own case until the State’s statute of limitations is reached; the victim, his son, is only 20 years old. Simon is desperately trying to use every delay tactic that he has learned from his various court battles while divorcing his wife Chana, in the span of seven years. See the video series – Justice For Chana Taub as she pleads for support from the community to bust this crime ring and rescue her son from this growing cycle of abuse, while Chana and her son remain confined on opposite sides of the wall.

Simon’s tactics include extorting $250,000 from Baruch Leibwotiz’s son for remaining silent, to micromanaging an arrest of an innocent man, using his cronies in the system to shift the focus from himself. Desperate to earn a favor in his own case from fellow millionaire Baruch Leibowitz by tampering with his sentence, Simon arranged that Samuel Kelner, a Boro Park man to be arrested for “bribing a witness to testify against Leibowitz”, hoping that the Leibowitz prosecution will not stand and Leibowitz will leave jail a free man. Taub keeps hoping that with Leibowitz free from his sentence, he will earn his payoff back in his own criminal case.

Isn’t it blatantly obvious by now that Judge Walsh, who was assigned to the Taub case, is also the presiding judge for the Kelner case? How long will this game continue before somebody cleans the system up? Conflict of interest aside, when will this cycle of abuse end? According to Vicki Polin, Executive Director of the Awareness Center, at least 90 percent of sex offenders were sexually abused as children. “All abusive behaviors tend to repeat themselves unless the individual seeks appropriate intervention”, confirms Dr. Amora Rabinowich, a renowned psychologist of New York.

The criminal trial was adjourned again, for another two months, to August 26, 2011. Although Taub was arrested more than a year ago, he is out on bail for a measly $50,000, a drop in the bucket for this millionaire. The bail was posted immediately by his sister Penina Kaufman from Boro Park, so that her brother can remain on the streets and continue scheming. In a maddening case that widens the involvement of extortion and bribery, witness tampering, wealthy millionaires of the Orthodox Jewish community have organized within each other a circle of trust to bail each other out, in an effort to keep molesters out of jail and back in the streets. Will the Jewish community ever learn? How many more Leiby Kletzky’s will be murdered, how many more children will be hurt, until the Rabbis issue a ruling that will allow Chassidim to go the police and prosecute all types of crimes? Orthodox Jewish Rabbis Make Rules That Shield Fiends From Cops, leading to evidence that at least two murders could have been avoided last week.

Tapes Show Simon Taub Tried to Blackmail Son of Sex-offender Baruch Lebovits
By Simone Weichselbaum (NY Daily News)
July 13, 2010

The son of a convicted child molester made secret recordings of sweater king Simon Taub trying to blackmail him, sources said yesterday.

The conversations in Yiddish between Taub, 61, and the 31-year-old son of Baruch Lebovits led to Taub’s arrest on July 7 on grand larceny charges.

Taub asked for around $250,000 for his silence after accusing the younger Lebovits of sexually abusing Taub’s son, sources said.

The junior Lebovits recorded his conversations with Taub and dropped off the evidence with detectives in the Brooklyn DA’s office three months ago.

Baruch Lebovits, 59, was sentenced in April to 10 to 32 years in prison for sex assaults on a 16-year-old boy.

In another extortion case linked to Baruch Lebovits, the DA’s office has recordings of the father of an 18-year-old man – whom Lebovits also has been charged with molesting – asking Lebovits’ relatives for cash, the law enforcement source said.

The father told Lebovits family members to hand over thousands of dollars to avoid more young men telling police that Baruch Lebovits had molested them, the source said.

The father “is a person of interest” in a possible extortion case, said the source.

Jerry Schmetterer, a spokesman for Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes, said the investigation is ongoing.

Taub’s lawyer, Ben Lieberman, said he didn’t know what was on the tapes.

The newest developments link two once-prominent figures from the ultra-Orthodox Jewish community in Borough Park, Brooklyn.

Taub made millions in the garment business and is embroiled in long-running Hollywood-style divorce proceedings with his wife, Chana. They live in the same Borough Park home with a wall separating them.

Baruch Lebovits was once a successful cantor and travel agent.

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