Childgrabbing Kickbacks Corruption Scandal Gains New Grips – Queens NY Family Court Judge Nazi Ronald E. Richter To Replace ACS Commissioner John Mattingly

The child protective agency in New York is called ACS. Administration for Children’s Services Commissioner John Mattingly turned in his resignation on this week after the agency has been under media fire, the worst since its inception. While there have been numerous high-profile cases of children dying while their families were under ACS scrutiny,sources tell the Daily News that he was not pushed. Mattingly has had the post for seven years and will step down in September.

Family Court Judges Sending Children into the System Using ACS

The city has named Queens Family Court Judge Ronald Richter to replace John Mattingly as the chief of the Administration for Children’s Services. After seven years on the job, Mattingly is leaving ACS for the private sector to work with disadvantaged children. During his tenure, the ACS came under fire after the death of Nixzmary Brown, a seven-year-old girl who was allegedly killed by her own family, and more recently the death of Marchella Pierce, a four-year-old Brooklyn girl who weighed only 18 pounds when she died.In a statement, Mayor Michael Bloomberg praised Mattingly, saying under his watch ACS adopted many essential reforms that helped protect children. Mattingly’s resignation takes effect in September.

How the City Primes its People to Power.

CALA wants to know: How come Ronald E. Richter was awarded judgeship suddenly, after serving for ACS? A review of his Family Court cases shows a remarkable hostility towards the preservation of the American family unit and an indifference to the please of a parent, over the word of a Child Protective Worker. This is always a terrifying shift for politics, when someone with such political connection is appointed to oversee an agency that has such a brutal history.

RED FLAG 1 – In 2009, this Mother put out a plea urging Americans to “Free the Richardson Children” from the grips of ACS-CPS and the Hon. Ron Richter. From the Family Court bench, he led a team to “ensure that legal matters affecting children and families received expedited attention”.

RED FLAG 2 – Judge Richter also led the Queens Child Protective Initiative to coordinate efforts to advance prompt permanency for children. (one wonders about the kickbacks for rapid placement).

RED FLAG 3 – From 1991 to 2002, Judge Richter held attorney roles at the Legal Aid Society, where he worked with ACS and its predecessor agencies, representing children in juvenile delinquency, child protection and parental rights proceedings.

RED FLAG 4 – As the Deputy Attorney-in-Charge for Legal Aids’ Juvenile Rights Division, he led and managed the nation’s largest direct service children’s advocacy organization and was responsible for a staff of attorneys, socials workers and support staff representing children in social services situations.

In 2005, Richter was appointed by Mattingly to serve as Deputy Commissioner of ACS, where he helped create systemic reforms after the death of Nixzmary Brown. These included implementing weekly accountability sessions to review child safety data, recruiting law enforcement officers into child protection to help with investigative practice and increasing prospective hiring to manage safe caseload limits.

RED FLAG 5 – Did Richter inside the agency help prevent the next agency disaster, the death of Marchella Pierce, in 2010? He also led and managed the ACS division responsible for representing the Commissioner in all matters before the City’s five family courts.  In addition, he developed, implemented and provided oversight to the ACS Juvenile Justice Initiative. RED FLAG 5 – I think we heard enough.


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2 Responses to Childgrabbing Kickbacks Corruption Scandal Gains New Grips – Queens NY Family Court Judge Nazi Ronald E. Richter To Replace ACS Commissioner John Mattingly

  1. Hello, I am the mother who posted a plea for the nazi Richter to give me my children back by creating a petition. The new judge over my case is Hon. Margaret Mcgowan. My case has been going on for three years now. Since the nazi Richter has been put into office as the Commissioner, ACS, and the family court said that the last trial was a mistrial, and so I have to do my trial all over again. So now the liars, I’m sorry, I mean witnesses that ACS has to testify against me, as well as the doctor that already testified and stated there was no sign of abuse on my son all have to come back and testify… Bottom line, ACS is filled with incompetent people working for them, and ACS as well as CPS as a whole needs to be abolished, and the SVU task force needs to handle calls of suspected child abuse. Atleast in criminal court, I would have been found innocent, and I could have gotten on with my life by now instead of being homeless for the past three years.

  2. Here is an update on my case. ACS has decided to withdraw my case, and give my husband custody.

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