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Corruption in Judge Mathew Demic’s Court and His Personal Connections

Why is Judge Mathew D’emic still on the bench? And why is he consistently trying the Orthodox Jewish pedophilia cases, in favor of the defendant? How much longer until Judge Mathew D’emic is exposed and removed from the bench? Why … Continue reading

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Activists: Help Pass the Protective Parent Reform Act in all States

HISTORY OF THE ACT: With the growing interest in PUPPET CHILD, author Talia Carner was asked by a Congressman to brief him on the ills of family courts across the nation. She did, while also suggesting Federal legislative remedies. The … Continue reading

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Florida Mom Julie Price Ordered by Judge to Shut her Blog and Stop Talking

Yet another grieving mother was forced to stop talking, in an effort to mask the continuation of abuse in the Family Courts. This court order by a family court judge violating her constitutional right to Freedom of Speech, was in … Continue reading

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DC Sniper’s Ex-Wife Speaks About How the Chaos in the Family Courts Failed Her and Her Children

Her story, is terrifyingly similar to so many other moms across America. But her story has a bizarre ending. Mildred Mohammad appeared at the 2010 Mother’s Day rally held on Mother’s Day on capital Hill, in support of “Mothers of … Continue reading

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Very Concerning! New Law in NY Allows men to get legal assistance as victims of domestic violence

Albany, NY (August 1, 2011) – Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today signed a law to ensure that individuals convicted of domestic violence misdemeanors will be barred from legally purchasing firearms. To explain his signing of this law, Cuomo uses the … Continue reading

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