DC Sniper’s Ex-Wife Speaks About How the Chaos in the Family Courts Failed Her and Her Children

Wife Of DC Sniper John Muhammad Unveils New Book, "Scared Silent"

Her story, is terrifyingly similar to so many other moms across America. But her story has a bizarre ending. Mildred Mohammad appeared at the 2010 Mother’s Day rally held on Mother’s Day on capital Hill, in support of “Mothers of Lost Children”, mothers across America who are pleading for custody of their children. The video below summarizes her agonizing story.

Excerpt’s from Mildred’s website: When Mildred chose to end this abusive relationship, her then husband John Muhammad emptied out their bank accounts, kidnapped their children, and brought them to Antigua around 1999, (a federal crime to leave the country), and disappeared,

Mildred had to learn to navigate the legal system, all the while making sure that he did not find her. She had no money, no job, and she was living in a shelter for abused women when she began her uphill battle to find and claim her children. When she finally got the children back and a judge in Washington State awarded her full custody, she knew that if she were going to stay alive, she needed to be both strong and smart.

Mildred obtained a permanent order of protection in the state of Washington. This order made it a federal offense for John Muhammad ever to purchase, carry, own, or transport a gun. Yet he was somehow able to bypass the system. Under the best of conditions, the system has too many glitches that are not being addressed.

John Muhammad was shooting innocent men and women near where Mildred lived and worked because he was ultimately planning to murder Mildred. When he did so, he wanted it to look like random violence. This was his plan!

After multiple appeals, Muhammad was executed by the state of Virginia. He was 48. In December 2003, the 17-year old stepson that was with him, LEE BOYD MALVO was convicted in the murder of FBI analyst Linda Franklin in Church Falls, Virginia. He was sentenced to life imprisonment without parole.

Malvo was a young boy who’s mother was deported to Antigua In December 2001, Malvo and his mother caught by the INS for being in the country illegally. They were freed a month later pending a deportation hearing. Malvo caught up with Muhammad soon after and the two have been linked to a murder that happened that February. This duo then set out to kill Mildred Muhammad, planing on masking it as random sniper shootings.


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