Corruption in Judge Mathew Demic’s Court and His Personal Connections

Brooklyn Judge Matthew D'Emic

Why is Judge Mathew D’emic still on the bench? And why is he consistently trying the Orthodox Jewish pedophilia cases, in favor of the defendant? How much longer until Judge Mathew D’emic is exposed and removed from the bench? Why is Simon & Chana Taub’s divorce case being wiped clean, (Judge D’emic denied them a divorce in 2007) and what role is Judge D’emic playing in the vast corruption schemes of the Chassidim?

The New York Law Journal published an article on November 21, 2008 about a “Court Clerk Charged in Mortgage Scheme”, regarding John D’Emic, brother of judge Mathew D’emick. The chief deputy county clerk for Brooklyn Supreme Court has been charged with facilitating a $1.4 million mortgage scam in which the conspirators allegedly used fake identification to sell houses they did not own. According to Queens prosecutors, John D’Emic represented either a fake buyer or a fake seller in each of three fraudulent transactions, receiving $1,800 in each case. D’Emic, a Brooklyn-based solo practitioner at the time of the crimes, allegedly helped close the sales and falsify documents.

It remains unclear as to why John D’emic walked away clean after his indictment. Thank you, brother Mathew. Who else is your brother in crime?

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2 Responses to Corruption in Judge Mathew Demic’s Court and His Personal Connections

  1. Tom Baladi says:

    This judge is presiding over my case . He has evicted me from my house with no due proses and has let the person testifying against me with false accusations get away with violating an order of protection and I can not everyone n go to my house that only I live in and get tools that I need to make my living. His exact words when I told him the order of protection he was giving me will make me homeless where I DON’T CARE !

  2. marissa mm says:

    real good judge can me mean but real eazy going

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