Business Owners Beware Of Labor Compliance Poster Scam in Brooklyn NY

Federal and state authorities require businesses to display information on proper labor practices, including the minimum wage. State law requires firms that sell businesses posters with this information to notify potential customers that such postings are also available online and free-of-charge from the government.

According to several small business owners from Brooklyn, a person approached them claiming that they could either buy a $50 compliance poster or face a possible $7,000 fine. The proprietors say that they were given no notice that these postings were available free-of-charge and the person gave the impression that he was a government agent.

citizens are encouraged to file a complaint with authorities naming the owners of these corporations, to put an end to this scam.


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3 Responses to Business Owners Beware Of Labor Compliance Poster Scam in Brooklyn NY

  1. L says:

    I just received a phone call from a firm trying to confirm info about my company’s address and credit so we could pay them 67 dollars to get ny labor law posters. They had our info because a person in the company last year had told them.

    The contact info the firm gave me to reach them was:
    Ashley Addy, supervisor
    Customer Service: 877 321 4144

    I believe they are located in Lansing Michigan.

    Other sites have said that if they mail you unsolicited posters and then send an invoice, that it constitutes mail fraud, and to send the materials to the proper agency.

    • calany says:

      From the BBB Website: Government information that is mandated to be posted in a Montana workplace is available to Montana businesses for FREE through your regional/local Job Service Workforce Center which has 23 offices throughout Montana.

      201 East Lyndale Ave. #285, Helena, MT, 59601 (877) 321-4144

      This above entity is not a government agency. It sells sets of labor law posters through mail solicitations from a Helena, MT address that is a mail forwarding/receiving address.

    • Dylan Bode says:

      I also received a call from this poster service. I thought it was very strange.

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