Next Up: Safety Book For Jewish Parents, “LET’S PARENT SAFELY”


Due to an exceptional need in the Jewish community, a new social story for parents will teach them to “Go To The Police or Your Other Kids Will Be Taken From You”. This glossy book will educate them on safety matters which they weren’t taught as children. The Jewish community really needs a glossy education to shock them into awareness, following the Kletzky murder.

Author Bracha Goetz wrote a children’s book titled LET’S STAY SAFE, the first of it’s kind to be Rabbinicaly approved. Rabbi Yaakov Horowitz promoted the book and Artscroll published it. The book made it’s debut in the Summer of 2011, and has already saved lives. In an eerie premonition, the book shows a pictorial event of a little boy getting lost, and “what should I do” as he approches a stranger with a yarmulka. This spooked many people for its likeness to the Leiby Kletzky story, shocking people into a desperate need for a kosher way to teach their children, and quickly.

Recently, featured in the NY Daily News, “Writing new chapter in kid safety: Spotlight on molesters in new book geared for Orthodox Jews”, the writer claims that “An earlier book, Rabbi Yehoshua Danese‘s “Yoni Ploni never talks to STRANGERS!” was self-published, but didn’t have enough rabbinical support to be a hit.”

So too, parents need some ground rules too, but they are not listening yet. As the Rabbis worldwide continue to preach the laws of mesira, Chassidim and Orthodox Jews continue to avoid reporting any crime to the police. Despite Rav Eliyashuv’s public ruling on molestation and reporting to police, Judaism at large has been perverted to suit the community leaders’ personal agendas.

I Got Arrested, Now What? NYC's Social Story Brochure - click to read

As part of the Coalition‘s advocacy program, an advocate accompanied a young boy and his mother to family court following his arrest for a misdemeanor. The fourteen year old was terrified, wearing his shabbos suit and saying tehillim the entire time. Two days earlier, he accidentally fired a bb gun, and a pellet hit a passerby, who called the cops. The Parole officer handed the child a colorful brochure, which was really helpful for calming the mother and the child. Titled, “I Got Arrested, Now What?”, the social story presented in a cartoon form helped answer all the questions, making it less scary for everybody.  Hopefully, a new book for parents can accomplish a great deal, with pictures.


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