Weprin Endorses Jewish Fraud: Supports Hatzolah, Ohel, Social Programs, and others

The Ultra-Orthodox, Rabbinically approved media outlet for Chassidic Jews http://www.vosizneias.com/ has posted a banner advertisement for Democrat David Weprin’s election campaign.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee announced Thursday it would begin an ad campaign attacking Republican candidate Bob Turner in the 9th Congressional District. The seat was vacated in June, when Democratic Rep. Anthony Weiner resigned in a sexting scandal. National Democrats are running ads hoping to prevent an embarrassing loss in a special congressional election in New York next week.

Upon closer scrutiny, the campaign ad boldly proclaims Weprin’s Jewish issues. Most blatantly, Weprin pledges “Will fight to preserve social programs so many of us depend on”. The next slide then lists an example of those said social programs. “Supported Hatzolah, Tomchei Shabbos, Ohel, Agudath Israel, and many schools”. David Weprin, “A proven friend of the Jewish community”.

David Weprin, which Jewish community are you referring to?

Your friends at Ohel? David Mandel, Hindie Klein, Esther Katz?

Your proven friends at Hatzolah, and Shomrim? How about Kol Tzedek, SOVRI, B’Derech, and other whitewashing molester-loving tentacles of big government?

Will you continue to preserve the social programs that these administrative friends depend on for their own livelihood? What about the people themselves? Did you ask the citizens of your constituency? Did you ask them if they support these social programs? Are they being helped, or rather, further victimized by these programs, so generously preserved by your agenda?

Slave being forced to vote

Are your voters’ children getting prizes at school if Mommy and Daddy vote for you?

Who are the Jewish liaisons advising you on Jewish issues, helpful to promote in your campaign? Henna White?

Ohel Receives Grants from City Council
(Newsletters/December) …ve developmental disabilities. Ohel is thankful to Council Members David Weprin, Oliver Koppel, and Simcha Felder for their support in securing these grants for Ohel. In addition to these…

David Mandel Supports David Weprin: 

letters to THE EDITOR of 5 Towns Jewish News
Thursday, 01 September 2011 13:05
altDavid Weprin: A Strong Advocate For The Community

Dear Readers,

On behalf of Ohel Children’s Home and Family Services and the thousands of families that we serve, we express our gratitude for the hard work and dedication that Assemblyman David Weprin has demonstrated to Ohel and the wider community over the past decade.
Most recently, David was one of our most tireless advocates for a capital grant that helped us open the Ohel Regional Family Center that serves children and families from Queens and surrounding communities.This Regional Family Center has critically elevated the lives of individuals and families in need through a multitude of services from general counseling and support services, group and individual psychotherapy, child and adolescent psychotherapy, and trauma and grief counseling to a host of geriatric services for seniors. In so doing, Assemblyman Weprin’s efforts have helped not only enrich the lives of those in need, but very much helped strengthen our community.

David’s voice in the halls of the New York City Council and in the State Assembly has consistently been one of concern and help to organizations that address the needs of the most vulnerable in our community. Councilman Weprin’s passion in driving a greater awareness of autism and intervention support services has been an important effort, with countless individuals and families benefitting from Ohel Bais Ezra’s autism seminars and programs. We know other organizations have also been able to expand their services to children with autism, one of the most challenging population groups requiring services.
Mr. Weprin’s accessibility to his constituents has always been exemplary. His work on behalf of the community is greatly appreciated.

David Mandel
Ohel Children’s Home and
Family Services


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