NY Daily News: NYPD detectives using video to canvas for suspect in Brooklyn sex attacks

In a string of too-little-too-late, the NYPD fails again. Sex crimes are occuring under our noses, and the municipal corruption outshines itself every day with widespread cover-up.

Anthony Lanzilote for News

This is the NY Daily News Today: NY Daily News: NYPD detectives using video to canvas for suspect in Brooklyn sex attacks

So let’s get some facts straight.  Ten assaults happen in the summer, and they roll out a mobile unit in October?

And after the 14-year old Chassidic girl was picked up in Boro Park, and raped for three hours in the summer of 2009, they parked a mobile unit 4 days later?  For ten days? And when the pick-up vehicle and suspect returned to the scene 3 days later, the cops refused to exit the mobile?!

Witnesses told CALA that they called 911, and the cops refused to take the plate number of the vehicle, or make a report.  This was because Heshy Rubinstein, showed up with his big black Shomrim Jeep, with DeeVoch plates, and convinced the police to leave. Well, that mobile remained there until the Rabbis coerced the family into dropping the charges. Then, the mobile left.

Thank you NYPD, you’re a great service to the community. Especially since the DNA from this crime matched the DNA from the 4-year old from the summer before that…. whose family was also forced to drop the charges. Keep it rolling. We will catch up with you.


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