Advocacy Works! Judge Ann Pfau Steps Down as State Courts’ Top Administrator

This is why advocates must unite and have their voice heard – because it works.   In July 2011, CALA issued a call for action: CALL FOR ACTION: Citizens against a 41% pay raise increase for NY Judges, must participate and testify in opposition this Wednesday, July 20, 2011 in Albany.  Advocates have learned that if there would be no testimony in opposition of this proposal, the bill will pass by default.

Of the 34 witnesses who testified, 7 were in opposition, including CALA.   We testified with great personal risk, and told the committee how we are in favor of the pay raise, if there is a clear plan of hierarchy, accountability, and cleanup of corruption.

THE BILL DID NOT PASS!  And now, judges are leaving the bench, in massesJudge Ann Pfau Steps Down as State Courts’ Top Administrator, was announced this week. Judge Pfau’s time as chief administrator coincided with an unusually difficult era for the courts.
Judges were infuriated that the Legislature had denied them pay raises for a dozen years. About 1,500 employees took early retirement last fall, and half the positions were never filled because of an impending fiscal crisis.

The testimony is archived due to its public nature, on the Committee on Judicial Compensation website’s Public Hearing page. On the video, you can see the following testimony –

Witness #25: Elena Sassower, Director,
Center for Judicial Accountability, Inc. (CJA) at 03:12:58 – 03:24:23

Witness #15:
William Galison, Citizens Against Judicial Corruption
(at 02:07:08 – 02:13:38)

Witness #20: Jay Franklin,
Toward Equal Justice Associates
(at 02:48:46 – 02:53:52)

Witness #31:
Raymond Zuppa, Esq.
Raymond Zuppa Memorial Foundation for Social Justice Pro Bono Legal Action Project
(at 03:53:20 – 04:00:44)

Witness #32:
Terrence Finnan, Economic Blog
(at 04:00:47 – 04:05:57)

Witness #33:
Susan D. Settenbrino, Esq.
Family Lawyer
(at 4:06:06 – 04:11:15)

Witness #34:
Annie Kay, Founder of Coalition against Legal Abuse (NY Chapter)
(at 04:11:16 – 04:14:33)

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