Bishop Finn Indicted For Failure to Report Sexual Abuse

In this first major crackdown on the Catholic church cover-up of child sexual abuse, this case deserves an honorary mention.   Last week, Bishop Finn of Kansas City was indicted for failure to report the child porn activities of a fellow priest in his diocese.

Maybe the District Attorney’s office should move from Kansas City to Kings County, Brooklyn NY. we have a list of Rabbis who have openly ordered their congregants not to report to the police, or face excommunication.

The bishop of Kansas City, Mo., had acknowledged in May that he waited five months to tell police about the hundreds of images of alleged child pornography found on the Rev. Shawn Ratigan’s computer. Ratigan had taken some of the photos of girls months ago at an Easter party he hosted, investigators said. More than 700 people have joined a Facebook page called “Bishop Finn Must Go.”

The Bishop has told the press that he will continue to lead the diocese despite the ongoing case.


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One Response to Bishop Finn Indicted For Failure to Report Sexual Abuse

  1. Of course, Bishop Finn had FOUR highly paid attorneys to get the charges cut down. However, his attorneys still weren’t as good as those for Bishop Roger Mahoney in LA, and Cardinal Law in Boston, who were two of the greatest Catholic pedophile protectors of all time, yet didn’t face any jail time whatsoever.

    This Catholic church is a failure at religion, but is awesome at getting away with the world’s worst crimes.

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