Help Save the Surviving Five-Year Old Son of Frimet Lichtenstein A’H

URGENT CALL FOR ACTION – Mrs. Tobi Bandau, is the mother of Frimet Lechtenstein A”H, who was 6 months pregnant, leaped to her death this month to prevent another casualty of custody-war. She is survived by a five year old son, and a bitter custody battle. The grandmother of the child, Mrs. Tobi Bandau is due in Family Court tomorrow, October 24, 2011. Can we afford more deaths from frustration and helplessness?

Please find it in your heart to protect Frimet’s motherless little boy, a five year old who is being held captive by his sexual molester father, Zecharyeh Rosenbaum. Zecharyeh, nicknamed Chazarye, to ridicule his behaviors, is well know in Williamsburg, yet people like Yankel Feketa & Chaim Elya Pollack are supporting him in his child-snatching games, while the poor five year old little boy of their first marriage was saying Kaddish for his Mommy, Erev Rosh Hashanah.

Everybody in Williamsburg knows that he is a molester who lives on 671 Bedford Avenue, alone, and the neighbors are annoyed and have pressured him to move because of the goings-on in that apartment. Extra caution should be given to families who daven at the same shul, Nanash on Division Avenue in Williamsburg.

Mrs. Tobi Bandau is pleading to the courts for custody of her surviving grandson, and community support will make all of the difference here. Please help make a kiddush hashem and spread the message of a dead mother be heard loud and clear tomorrow, by your presence.


Brooklyn Family Court
330 Jay Street 1oth Floor – Part 52 Brooklyn New York.
OCTOBER 24 2011 @ 9:00 A.M. Sharp

WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT!!!! Lets teach the chassidishe molesters/pedophiles that they cannot get away with their sick behaviors anymore!!!!!


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