Westchester lawyer Sam Friedlander killed wife, kids before shooting himself in murder-suicide

Undated Facebook Photo of Sam Friedlander with his kids Molly and Gregory.

The couple was due in court the next day on a divorce petition. This husband was going to settle this matter his way. The wife was beaten to death by the leg of the kitchen table. Then, the children were shot on their beds, and neatly tucked in. Then, Mr. Freidlander went to the basement of the marital home and shot himself.

We see this over and over again. Wives are not being beleived. Disputes go unsettled. Wives being intimidated to go to court. If they do muster up the courage to go to court, they suffer. And now, an entire family is gone. Forever. Because, “If I can’t have them, she shouldn’t have them either”. And this was a lawyer.

A lawyer that we find out the next day, played the same low-class games like all the other men with a bad feeling about a looming custody battle.

It didn’t take but a day for the rest of the story to appear – NY Post “lawyer took inappropriate pictures of daughter“, pressured his wife into having an abortion a few years ago, and she did.  The crazed killer sought psychological help from a pal, but canceled. Wife Amy’s parents told the press that they did not like this man from the start. He talked down to their daughter, and it was a rocky marriage all along.

When will America learn to accept these signs as legitimate? How many more deaths until the system takes psychological abuse to a level of seriousness to protect our children’s futures?

NY Daily News – He shot his kids – then tucked them into bed.

Police revealed Wednesday that the Westchester County lawyer who wiped out his family in a twisted murder-suicide used a 12-gauge shotgun to blast his pajama-clad children.

Samuel Friedlander, who was in the midst of a bitter divorce, fired into the bodies of sleeping 10-year-old Molly and 8-year-old Gregory in their Cross River home.

“It appears they were covered up with the bedspreads that were on their beds after they were shot,” New York State Police Maj. Michael Kopy said.

Friedlander, 50, used a table or chair leg to kill his estranged wife, Amy, 46, during the bloodbath early Tuesday.


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3 Responses to Westchester lawyer Sam Friedlander killed wife, kids before shooting himself in murder-suicide

  1. Julie Levine says:


  2. Jonquil says:

    I knew Sam as a boy. My remarks are here: http://socyberty.com/death/the-cross-river-horror/

  3. Our system in Westchester re Domestic Abuse is utterly broken: I called CPS and filed for divorce almost simultaneously. No attorney I talked to advised otherwise. When the CPS caseworker arrived, my children reported similar experiences with their father that they had told me: that led her to suspect sexual abuse as I suspected. He had been physically and emotionally abusive to me for decades, but very good about “making it up to me.” When our children were born (late and against his preference), he was abusive to them too. CPS opened an investigation with a “validator” I later discovered had sent an innocent young woman to jail for 5 years: Her judgement is bad. The kids said I was a good mom and they loved me and they said their dad was bad. She said this meant I told them to make it up! No evidence, just her INTERPRETATION. She “unfounded” the case. From then on (6 long bitter years) my ex and his two law firms worked full time to try and destroy me. At the end I share custody with this abusive man who continued to endanger and abuse them during the custody war he waged on me. (My attorney of 3.5 years did nothing but billing–her specialty, then quit twice during the financial trial: also her pattern.) My ex won 90 percent of the marital assets and the ignorant judge’s favor on issues that were NOT presented with evidence at trial (why I called CPS, what the evidence was, a peer review of CPS report, etc.) Two psychologists tests (he sought and paid for) said my ex did not fit “the profile” of a pedophile: In fact there’s no such thing as a pedophile “profile!”:They are all types. But most commonly a close male family member. The court and CPS fail to protect children, particularly if a man has the means to counter sue. They are gender biased even though many are female (some of the most vicious.) Children’s childhoods are destroyed. The truly unjust foundation is that mothers and children are routinely treated as if they are lying: There’s an ocean of difference between being unable to prove abuse in your private house happened and lying intentionally about it. The ignorant, evil “professionals” at CPS and The Westchester Supreme Court are simply not equipped to deal with family crimes. They are destructive. What they are doing is a secondary crime against the abused, and in service of the “monied” spouse with power. Hideous what happened in the case you posted, but totally believable outcome of this putrid system.

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