CALL FOR ACTION: Occupy Boro Park November 13

CALA will be participating in a peaceful rally, on November 13, 2011 – from 4:00 – 6:00 pm, in front of the Jewish Board and Family Children Services, in Boro Park – 13th Avenue and 53rd Street. During that time, a meeting will be taking place inside the offices, combining administrators and organizers of various corrupted and criminal organizations who falsely proclaim to be helping and servicing the Jewish community of Brooklyn NY. Chief Criminal Officer Ms. Henna White has organized this professional conference on the subject of sexual abuse, under the pretense of her Kol Tzedek program, which hurts our victims every day, for failing to prosecute these criminals. This grand whitewashing collaboration must stop, and these leaders must be prosecuted for organized crime, as they are complicit by remaining silent. Sacred Lives, Met Council, F.E.G.S., JBFCS, and Kol Tzedek, will be participating in this underground meeting. OCCUPY BORO PARK to make a difference!

Letter from Henna White:


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