Judge Jeffrey Sunshine Orders Mother to Stop Video-Chatting with Young Son

Only two weeks ago, we heard about the ten year old boy who threatened to kill the judge if he wasn’t reunited with his mother. The court’s response was “Judge Sidney Strauss pulled from Queens custody battle”. The case was reassigned, and the boy was NOT reunited with his mother. Instead, he was being evaluated for suicidal ideation. This boy is not suicidal, he is homicidal, and rightfully so.

Now, NYC court corruption strikes again, as the case was assigned to Chief Corruption Officer, Judge Jeffrey S. Sunshine, head of Brooklyn’s Matrimonial division, Kings county. Only two weeks in His Honor’s charming chambers, we now learn how the mother is now being tormented some more in this horrendous custody battle. The mother, Annemarie McAvoy, who is a law professor at Fordham University, was ordered to refrain from video-chatting with her son, because it was “intruding into the father’s home”. Will the boy get to talk to Judge Sunshine now? Because if and when he does, then we hope he says it like it is.  Nice work on the parentectomy, Jeffrey.

BrooklynEagle.com – Judge Sunshine Orders Law Prof. to Stop iPhoning Son – ADAMS STREET (AP) — Kings County Supreme Court Justice Jeffrey Sunshine ordered a Fordham law professor involved in a custody dispute to stop communicating with her son via a smartphone’s video-chat feature.

Last week, Hon. Sunshine told Annemaire McVoy to take away her son’s iPhone because she was intruding into the father’s home by spending hours talking to her son via the FaceTime feature. He told her to replace the iPhone with a simple cell phone. The New York Post reports that McVoy plans to pursue a federal civil-rights case to get custody of her son. She said she used FaceTime to help her son with homework. The boy lives with his father, John Hannigan, in Sparta, N.J.

Both of these judges earned an honorary mention on the NY Wall of Shame.

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9 Responses to Judge Jeffrey Sunshine Orders Mother to Stop Video-Chatting with Young Son

  1. How do these judges not see that they are taking children from their mothers and giving them to the men that abused them? WHY DO MEN HAVE MORE RIGHTS IN COURT THAN WOMEN? why do men have more rights to our children than we do!! WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS WORLD? stop this madness and give children back to their mothers!!! can’t you see that’s where they need to be? IS OUR ENTIRE GOVERNMENTAL SYSTEM WORLD WIDE MADE UP OF A BUNCH OF SEXIST IDIOTS??? GIVE US BACK OUR RIGHTS! GIVE US BACK OUR CHILDREN!!!! GIVE US BACK OUR FREEDOM!!! http://irevolutiontree.wordpress.com/

    • Is it that “abusive men” are getting the children or is it that the abusive parent cross the board are getting the children? I am a family rights activist dealing with parents nationally as well as a boardmember of FAFNY (fathers and families of NY) and it is my experience that the abuser, be it a dad, mother, foster parent, grandparent or stranger, is getting the child. To my eye, there is but one purpose, higher statistics of child abuse leads to more court involvement, more CPS involvement, more service providers utilized, more case workers, more federal funding and generally more excuses when children die at the hands of the abuser. Oh forgot, more publicity when the abused child dies which feeds the public awareness of our “societal epidemic” of child abusers which feeds the okay we spend 7 trillion dollars on THE MOST FAILING SYSTEM IN AMERICA. I see good dads fight for time with their children, good parents fight for their children and both parents committing suicide at a rising rate hopeless to the family court system. Children are no longer safe in any family court. America is no better than third world countries in child protection. Judges are selling our children for profit and it is my experience, most parents end up so broken they cannot fight back. Where does that leave our children?

      • This is important to mothers and children everywhere as they, we, are currently the victims of the biggest organized crime syndicate in the history of the world. Tax dollars are used as funds for CHILD STEALING and the children are stolen from loving, good families for little or no reason. The money on the front end, TITLE IV FUNDING from the federal government, is supposed to be used for family and juvenile support, instead it is used to abduct children at will, place children in FOSTER CARE, or adopt them out to strangers, and on the back end additional money has been budgeted for adoptions and foster care placement, and little of that money actually goes into those services.

        Children are being stolen from their families for money (kidnapping) and given to abusers and under-qualified foster homes (child endangerment) and are adopted out to families (human trafficking) who are either paid money to take them, or who pay money to get them, whichever gets cps the most money. In addition to those buckets of money there is money through MEDICAID that can be used for children in service, and that puts MORE OF YOUR TAX DOLLARS IN THE POCKETS OF THESE ORGANIZED CRIME CONSPIRATORS WHO TRAFFIC OUR CHILDREN AND TAKE OUR MONEY TO DO IT!


        Sorry to be so harsh. I, WE want peace. We want women and children to be treated the way they should be treated. All the time in history of mankind we raised the children and kept the homes and cooked the food and cleaned and cared for the animals and everything; we have done all we were supposed to do, and we NEVER ASKED TO BE PAID… And when there was war and our services were needed, we left our homes and our children and our motherhoods on the kitchen table and we went into the factories and into the fields and wherever we needed to go, and we still went home and took care of everything family, and we cooked and we cared for everything and we PAID OUR SHARE OF THE BILLS too, and we never asked to be paid for keeping our home then either.

        And now… you are just going to let them take our children?

      • The hardest thing for an activist out there bringing public awareness to these issues is getting parents to participate. There are two reasons. One, parents are so broken and destroyed they are left with a learned helplessness that totally disables any hope for change.Two, parents are divided and cannot stand beside each other to fight for the children. This division is intentional. VAWA is the biggest culprit hiding the fact that fathers are a necessity when they are caring, nurturing parents. Gender is the weapon of division hiding the condoning, empowering and promotion of abuse by our court systems. This is not a mom issue at all. It is a childs issue first and a parents issue second. Children are being destroyed in the name of child protection and in the best interest of the pocket never the child. If we as responsible people want change we cannot allow the intended gender bias to mask real issues. Yes it happens to moms but yes it happens to dads but mostly it effects our children. Protective parents are being targeted be they male or female. Please do not allow gender bias to win over a childs right to two loving caring parents or the safety of the protective parent. If we cannot stay focused on the child how can we expect the system to?

    • Coral Vander says:

      They do see what they are doing. It’s intentional. The courts, parliaments and government agencies are infiltrated with corrupt psychopathic child abusers. They are there to cover up abuse and to inflict pain and suffering on women and children and also to ensure the continuation of the paternalistic hegemony. This is what we now know.

  2. lora bush says:

    Judge Jeffery Sunshine, the chief corraption Officer. He was appointed to Kings County Supreme Court in 2003, when former judge Garson was arrested for bribery. Sunshine became supervising matrimonial judge and judge Ambrosio, who took over all Garson’s cases did not changed even one prior Order. Sunshine was making sure that all Garson’s Orders stay. Sunshine is as much corrapted as Garson and Ambrosio. He was giving money and making favors to polititians. His connections to Vito Lopes and Bill Thompson brouth him from attorney to head judge. He was given money to bouth of them. Do not expect justice in his Court room, if you are woman, your ex is connected with political person, or is diplomat. This Court room is for favors, not for justice.

  3. Family Courts need a massive overhaul, removing children from protective Mothers is happening all over the world and I do not understand why. Children need their Mothers and unless the Mother has been abusive the children should be with their Mothers.Most children if allowed will choose their Mothers every time.SHAME of Family Court Judges and their hangers on they destroy the lives of Mothers and children everyday and they could not care less.Governments need to step in and change the rules in Family Courts to protect Mothers and their children.

  4. Juliana says:

    Since transfer my case from Family Court Brooklyn to Supreme Court Brooklyn from January 2010 to now. Sunshine’s courtroom never has justice. He appointed and sworn in Oath of Office, Judge Sunshine has acted unfair in justice, counter bias, improper and unprofessional behaviors, and discrimination, racist and holds a grudge in the legal proceeding of divorce, custody, visitation and order protection were happened in courtroom. There was lot of errors Sunshine made, misruling from beginning of my case. He denied and blame to the lower court, Family Court Brooklyn.

    Judge Sunshine ripped I and my daughter apart. The child and I are very tired because of this unfair Court Order. JUDGE SUNSHINE HURTING THE MOTHER MEANS HURTING THE CHILD TOO.

    What was happened is I lack of knowledge of Law procedure, I live in Queens so I apply Order Protections against my ex (abuser) from Family Court Queens. Sunshine was so mad in courtroom. He acted improper behaviors. Judge Sunshine called the Queens Family Court right away. Sunshine felt really offended even I explain to him when I applied Order Protection in Queens Court in my application form, I did mention and stated very clearly that I have a pending case in Supreme Court for Divorce, Custody and visitation. Judge Sunshine was mad and gave me an Order and asked me go back to Queens Family Court and submits his Order to the Judge who granted me Order Protection. Judge Sunshine right away make decision gave custody of my daughter to the father and said I made a mess in his courtroom with a very high tone. While I and my ex-lawyer talking in hallway, Judge Sunshine weird acted. He brought two security guards and walked through the hallway and looked at me in very deep and strange ways. I felt intimidated and scared of weird behavior of Judge Sunshine. Judge Sunshine ABUSES the POWER of Supreme Court for his personal gain/interest.

    Sunshine was totally ignored to my ex-lawyer opposed and stated in courtroom, request Judge Sunshine re-consider his decisions based on:
    1. It is premature to make a decision about custody. There have not been forensics done. There have not been or I have not seen a court ordered investigation.
    2. The father has made no complaints about the mothering of the child. The way the mothers her parenting as far as I know.
    3. All of the sudden these things are popping up. My client has been the primary care taker for this child for the two years of the child being around.
    4. My client got a new apartment. She now has a stable environment for the child. She has gotten a job and she has come to long way.
    5. I am sure there was domestic violence in this household, and I think that because my client was accepted into a domestic violence shelter. They found her credible. They believed that there was domestic violence in the household. The child has never been danger with my client.
    6. And furthermore, if my client was not a good mother, she has been basically watched by people for the past five months. She is been in shelters. She is honestly doing something right. Professionals are looking over her. ACS has been involved. She speaks with a case worker. If something wrong with her parenting, we would know about it. There was no Article 10’s filed here.
    7. As far the order of protection is concerned, your Honor, my client testified that she lived in Queens. She testified that she did not know the system. She felt intimidated. She is not familiar with the law. She filed a report. I do not think that has anything to do with the custody issue.
    8. Therefore, your Honor, I think it is premature. Let us have forensics done. Let a court order investigation be done and I think the court would be in a better position to decide who should have custody.

    Shames on Law Guardian, Karmel L Randy appointed by Sunshine but she never MEET my daughter, her little client and me but she met my ex when my daughter with him. She did not do her job but she wanted me to pay her attorney fee in courtroom. She also accusing me has criminal record and mentality ill without proof. Law Guardian did a lot of dirty tricks, very rude and bullies me because I am minority. She gang up with my ex husband lawyer, Virginia Geiss at the back of the courtroom by asking me “Go Away, give the child to the father” until Sunshine came out and said what a loving time in the father’s arm. The child’s legs were knocking the chairs and make noise. I shack my head to the child and my finger put in my mouth in order the child not doing it. Judge Sunshine was so mad and questioned me why I bring the child to his courtroom? I tried to explain to Judge Sunshine but he is in high tone asked me to “Shut Up”.

    I volunteer seen Mental health Counseling, Psychology Doctor with the report stated “There is no evidence of past or current psychiatric illness from her evaluation.” And also my ex lawyer told Judge Sunshine that she just had her ceremony become US Citizen. Later I made an Order to Show Cause to Sunshine request Forensic Evaluation and Psycology Doctor appointed by Court also agree that there is no evidence of past or current psychiatric illness from her evaluation.

    I am a minority and English language is not my main language. A lot of times I do not how to describe and talking in English language in courtroom. I asked for Interpreter few times but rejected by Judge Sunshine. A lot of ridiculous things happened in courtroom while trial for temporary custody and custody. Even Judge Sunshine specifically asked my ex-husband “What kind of language the mother communicate with the child? My ex-husband answer: Chinese.

    I had complied everything what Sunshine requests. I have a housing, working class mother, no mentality problems, effort to support my child, I can prove to Sunshine that I am a good mother but Sunshine still STEALING MY CHILD from me and give sole custody to my ex, the abuser by issuing a Memorandum and Decision since March 2013 and asking me to pay child support. My last court day in May 2013, I personally asked Sunshine when can I expect for Final Order for custody? He said on his desk. But now already four months, I never get it even me and my lawyer keep running go and fort to the Supreme Court. WHAT’S THE PROBLEMS WITH SUNSHINE, HE CAN NOT JUDGING AND RULING WELL IN COURT or dare not write Final Order in order to protect himself!

  5. mothererased says:

    I am blogging my memoir: My mother had post traumatic stress after my parents’ volatile marriage, and did not fight my father for custody. He bullied her out of her weekly visitation rights. I hope to shed light on the lifelong consequences of parent alienation, potentially helping those estranged parents and children whom it is not too late for.

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