Deborah Feldman, Escape from “Unorthodox” Escape from Jewish Chassidic Community

We all love to hate, especially someone who makes us blush. Deborah Feldman was born and raised in the ultra-orthodox Chassidic group of Satmar, in Brooklyn New York. Smack in the middle of a giant modern city, a thriving group of ‘Amish’ like black-hatted Chassidim continue to live alongside their typical American neighbors. For Deborah, this lifestyle was stifling, constricting, and antiquated. She also felt that the control of the Rabbis to keep their women locked into an inferior position by covering them with modest clothes, not educating them so they won’t know better, and to top it off, entering girls into arranged marriages at 17, 18, is a continued civil rights violation.

This ‘atrocity’ has been covered in her new book, “Unorthodox”, and Deborah has made appearances on television. Deborah hopes to inspire other women to explore their options. However, one should not underestimate the danger these women are in, if they choose to ‘escape’. For any professionals wishing to join together and help effect change, please contact the Coalition immediately.

Please take a moment to listen to Deborah’s message on Television


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One Response to Deborah Feldman, Escape from “Unorthodox” Escape from Jewish Chassidic Community

  1. I Tweeted her about my fear of lunatics, Hassidim or not. She is not stupid, I need to remember, and she has a good network of friends to accompany her. I always tell my daughters: “GROUPS”… and be vigilant! I don’t think it’s my imagination that preying upon women has reached alarming proportions.

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