Almost Kidnapping in Brooklyn, Parents Hesitate to Call 911

Why is this pedophile still on the streets? BECAUSE HE CAN.

A seven year old Jewish girl was nearly kidnapped and taken into this man’s vehicle two days ago, in the Kensington area of Brooklyn NY. Other children who were witnessinng it first thought, “maybe he could be a relative”, but then they finally screamed, and the perp retreated.  Police took a long time to come.  Why did the parents call Shomrim first?!

This explains why Leiby Kletzky got butchered. This explains why the man who raped a 4 year old, and a 14 year old, is still on the  loose. This man matches the description of the rapist of the previous two cases. Somebody must speak up. We owe it to our children. Your child WILL be next. Do you like how that sounds?

Open Call to  Detective Jennifer A. Molinari, who is in possession of the evidence to the other two rapes. CALA requests the case to be assigned to her, for profile matching.


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