NY Daily News: Alice Brown Arrested for Cashing $143,000 in disability checks while working


NY Daily News: Alice Brown, who’s been accused of fraudulently cashing $143,000 in disability checks, was arrested last week and charged with mail fraud. She could face five years in prison.

NY DAILY NEWS: Ex-postal carrier Alice Brown charged with fraudulently cashing $143,000 in disability checks – Claiming back injury six years ago, Brown has been fixture behind counter at Strathmore’s Bagels in Long Island.

Alice Brown works full-time at a Long Island bagel store, but her monthly wages come with a nice schmear: $2,762 in disability from the Postal Service.

The former letter carrier, who is supposed to be unable to deliver mail, has been charged with cashing government disability checks for years, the Daily News has learned.

Brown, 53, claimed that she suffered a painful back injury leaning into a U.S. Postal Service vehicle six years ago.

She has pocketed more than $143,000 in federal disability benefits since September 2007, according to Special Agent Ebelise Adames of the inspector general’s office.

While maintaining that she was unemployed and unable to work, Brown has been a fixture behind the counter of Strathmore’s Bagels in Shirley, L.I.

The feds watched as Brown showed up for work every day, but even more damning, are the surveillance tapes of the alleged fraudster in action, according to the court papers.

“In the videos, the defendant can be seen wearing a black Strathmore bagel T-shirt, cooking and waiting on customers with apparent ease,” Adames states in the criminal complaint.

In February, Brown toiled 10-hour days behind the counter for two weeks in a row.

Brown’s co-workers told the feds that she has been working at Strathmore’s full-time for nearly five years.

But that didn’t stop her from pocketing the monthly disability check, which is delivered to her home in Mastic every month by a hardworking letter carrier.

Brown has no problem crouching down to weed and plant in her garden, a neighbor told The News.

The neighbor has also seen Brown at the bagel store. “A couple of weeks ago she was there. She took my order,” the neighbor said.

Brown refused to comment the other day while strolling to her mailbox. Her boss at Strathmore’s was also mum, insisting he had no idea who Brown is.

Brown was arrested last week and charged with mail fraud. Magistrate Gary Brown freed her on $50,000 bail. She could face five years in prison and be ordered to make full restitution if convicted.

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/ex-postal-carrier-alice-brown-charged-fraudulently-cashing-143-000-disability-checks-article-1.1077470#ixzz1uq7d5sKB

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