“YOU”, A Poem By: Libby Pollak

A poem, dedicated to all who were ever hurt by perps, may they be obliterated from society..

By: Libby Pollak

YOU shattered my innocence
my childhood, and adolescence
..caused detrimental results
lost forever, my trust in adults
my sunny world was destroyed
with my vulnerability you toyed
my little bubble of bliss was burst
my future eternally cursed
you crushed my tender spirit
you forbade me to say you did it
whenever you’d inch close to my seat
Or our eyes would meet
my heart would rapidly beat
for fear you would repeat..
confusion rage & agony would haunt
in the mirror remained only a shadow so gaunt
of my previous self, happy and pure
now tainted by scars impossible to cure
years after it happened your image still vivid
making me wanna replace u with the angel of death, so livid
& if you don’t die, I wonder, if a knife would suffice
your ill-used fingers to chop and slice
you’ve your blood-stained hands misused
a broken child to abuse
ruined a human’s desire to live
sinned in a way that nothing can forgive
you opened my eyes to dangerous rays
exposed me to the grime of your crime filled ways.
you’ve invaded & raided my private space,
YOU TOUCHED ME in the wrong place.

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Coalition Against Legal Abuse in New York - coalitioncalany@gmail.com
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