Disgraced Family Court Judge Bernard Graham Transferred to Marry the Gays

Not that there is anything wrong with his civil work now, marrying the gays, but at least he is no longer making traumatic and tragic decisions impacting children’s lives through his stint in family court.  Thank you to parents and advocates who worked tirelessly to sue this judge and file appeals until he was finally removed from family courts in Staten Island and Brooklyn.

Also See: Breaking News: Brooklyn Judge Bernard J. Graham Gives to Custody to Homeless Father

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2 Responses to Disgraced Family Court Judge Bernard Graham Transferred to Marry the Gays

  1. Mother of Exiled Daughter says:

    Apparently, he has not pleased the public much in his new civil function either. Below, please read a comment left on “The Robing Room” by a newly-married lesbian who had the terrible misfortune of having the (ever drunk) Graham preside over her wedding. Graham is a mentally ill drunk with a chip on his shoulder. He needs to be imprisoned in a psych facility!

    Comment #: NY2304
    My life partner and I were married on the first day it was made legal in New York. Unfortunately the bloated, stinking man who married us was Bernard Graham. Not only did he reek of alcohol and smell like a Bowery bum but he thought he was funny with his “mob wives” crack. Maybe lesbians in this city are perceived to only deserve the bottom of the barrel when it comes to presiding justices, but this drunk man comedian will always remind us of our most special day with a negative twist. We found out your name anyway and we don’t think you are funny.
    7/28/2011 1:17:19 PM

  2. Jesus christ says:

    This man call himself a Judge he is more of a JACKASS. The real Judge will deal with him acordingly Jehovah will see he remains in darkness forever. Look out the reptilians are coming for you Bernard Graham

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