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Witnesses to crimes against families, men, women and children in the New York area, should contact the Coalition immediately, in confidence.

Note: We do not have the resources to handle phone calls unless Donations continue to support this work.  

Have a story to tell? Send us your story via email to be considered for publication. You must consent to have all identifying details and photographs on the internet.

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ALERT: Religious Orthodox Jewish victims are afraid to leave abusive situations because they won’t have access to kosher food. In reality, one’s safety comes before the prohibitions on diet. Nevertheless, that issue has now been resolved with CALA’s Shelter.  Please make the call!  


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12 Responses to Contact Us

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  2. Melissa says:

    NYC family court judge failed my daughter. After molesting his own child, and failing a lie detector test, after 3 years of court visits. The court allowed continued visitation (no overnights) and no justice for the child molester he is. ACS failed us as well. No one should ever endure this. My daughter had the best law guardian. Very sad situation,

  3. libby says:

    i lost custody of my two young daughters unjustly due to corruption in the queens courts, the 2nd dept of appellate division and laziness of court of appeals to review my case. I spent over $700,000 fighting to get custody of my children back from my ex husband who used his connections in the courts to get my young daughters from me. He failed to pay any child support, any equitable distribution, and he spent over $800,000 terrorizing my children and my life. Corruption in courts is rampant and I too suffered from unjust and abusive rulings of judges strauss, fitzmaurice, bogacz, stanton and others. Fitzmaurice was worst judge ever and was forced to retired as she abused so many litigants for so many years. She corruptly assigned forensic doctors for 25,000 and two others for about $10,000 each who are friends of hers and corrupt law guardians who are biased in favor of men who steAL MONEY FROM LITIGANTS. Ade Fasanya from Nigeria is the worst law guardian in the system and he fails to meet with his clients the children and refuses to advocate on behalf of children’s wishes. Joan Piccirillo was Fitzmaurices law assistant after she was a law guardian for me and because my lawyer had her removed from my case she allowed my ex husband’s judgement of divorce to go through with things that were not in the record or decision when she should not have been on our case. Judge fitzmaurice was abusive and evil, abused her discretion, was biased, went out of her jurisdiction to make unfair rulings because of her anger toward me for changing lawyers too much. She must be brought up on article 78 proceedings,. Judge Strauss made three ex parte orders that were unfair and the court ignores this abuse. he spent a year trying to help us make a long term parenting plan after giving me custody in oral settlement in 2005. He now got the legislature to pass a bill that allows the judges stay on the bench until they are 80 even if their memory is not that great.
    Judge strauss unjustly withdrew 5 of my motions that were pending before the court for over a year without my or my counsel’s consent. Judge fitzmaurice vacated judge dorsa and judge strauss orders in my case. Referee Stanton ignored my cases for two years and failed to decide any motions before her so that my children and I could once again have holidays, vacations, and summer parenting time together. She vacated an order of protection of another judge and she delayed hearings regarding custody for two years. Judge Bogacz had us sit around every few weeks for 5-8 hours while we had paid counsel and he failed to reprimand Ade Fasanya for failing to show up twice which cost us over 9,000 for two days. He found out that Referee Stanton had vacated an order of protection he had issued orders on for six months. he failed to give us any relief at all and refused to allow oral arguments. He refused to order holidays, vacation and summer parenting and abusively allowed my children and I to be kept apart,. He decided that an order of another judge in judgement no longer in effect and refused to make new orders for over 10 months just wasting everyone’s time. He and his staff left for lunch at 12:20pm and came back about 3pm the court houses and court rooms a ghost town in afternoons and permitted to get all the lawyers in to wait around all morning so they can make a fortune off the litigants what corruption.

  4. dd brown says:

    referee stanton removed from handling cases in queens family court and was removed from brooklyn courts due to incompetence. Judge Fitzmaurice disciplined by the courts for her years of abusing litigants throughout the system and was only elected due to her political connections and very hard to get her thrown off the bench so for many years we have suffered from her bad and unjust decisions. Judge Strauss in cases such as Macavoy and the russian case where the doctor mother lost custody and in macavoy case where fit mother lost her child and fought over 5 years to get her son back and she lost over a million dollars fighting for her child only to not be able to get him back for good due to connections of father’s lawyer sager to the judge strauss and her power in queens court house where she has made a mint and now lives in a mansion upstate but has to come to queens to practice? why are all these lawyers who live in other counties running to queens to make their fortunes? corruption in the courts and Judge Strauss was a district leader who has gotten reprimanded for misconduct as a judge as he is often out playing tennis when he should be deciding papers before him but somehow his court room is empty? and so is all of queens supreme all afternoon what are the judges doing take a look around the empty court house and find court officers sleeping in courtrooms or reading and ten court officers checking your bags in and all morning though you must wait around for at least three or four hours for your case to be called and why? so the lawyers who are receiving big buck by having the judges allow their cases to be churned that day and for months and years so the lawyers can make money but what do the judges get in return ?? their positions as judges but whatelse? are their bribes being taken ? cameras must be installed in every court room in this state and in this country. Judges must pass competency tests to get their positions and to keep them and they should be chosen based on merit, education, experience not based on who they know. It is time to replace many of the judges who have multiple complaints lodged against them and they must get independent panel of non lawyers to do court watches for biase, ex parte communications , and abuse of discretion. the appellate courts and court of appeals must be watched by independent panels to see if they read briefs and if they are competent and trained in all areas of the law they make decisions on for at least two years. Judges must not be able to attend bar assocation events, political events, and should not be talking to or socializing with lawyers.

  5. Ron Williams Daniel says:

    Referee Stanton back in Queens courts after being removed from Brooklyn due to a scandal where it is being passed around that she had sexual relations with someone in courthouse. No one wants her to be assigned to their cases in Queens and lawyers are compaining that she demands that they take court dates they are not available for. She makes litigants and lawyers wait around for hours and she is deemed to be incompetent and to have no regard for parents rights. She is a little girl who demands to be called YOUR HONOR by adults. She must be taken off the bench and have her license revoked due to her unethical conduct in court. She has ex parte communications with some lawyers and lawyers for children. Try to get her removed from your case if you get her and make complaints against her to judicial misconduct commission and to the inspector general.
    We must band together to have these bad judges and referees exposed so that we can let the mayor know not to reappoint them and let your assemblymember know so that they will not allow a bad potential judge to be put on the bench in supreme court or our civil courts. Pls. make complaints about Referee Stanton, Judge Steven Bogacz, Carol Stokinger, Judge Weinstein, Judgee Sidney Strauss, Judge Maryellen Fitzmaurice, Magistrate Contaratis, Magistrate Kirchblum, Judge Salinitro, Judge Liebowitz. If you have Judge Jackman Brown demand that your case is resolved within one year as she drags out things for years and it is unfair to litigants to have to keep paying corrupt divorce lawyers. demand mediation, arbitration and changes in the law.
    Bring to media any unjust cases right away and to the attention of judicial misconduct commission. Judge Weinstein knows of lawyers robbing the surrogates court as his brother Jonathan was busted doing this and he knows and allows lawyers to churn divorce cases for years and refuses to arbitrate for overcharging in cases of his pals. He knows of abuses in guardianships, receiverships and appointments that are unfair to his corrupt lawyer friends and this has been going on for many hears in all courts across our country and it must stop asap s et up anti trust laws and loop poles stopped and confirm amount each year that lawyers make in appointments and receiverships do not give appointments to district leaders, politicians relatives, former judges, those working on elections of judges get non political people to run the county clerks offices . stop politicians from giving to non profits clean up corruption in queens family court, supreme and other queens courts get new da, new administrative judges in each court and do not allow them to stay more than 4 years.

  6. Tina Black says:

    Ade Fasanya is a Nigerian lawyer who works as an 18B lawyer who is assigned to indigent litigants or to represent a child in a custody dispute. If you get this lawyer or know of his misconduct make a complaint immediately to the inspector general of New York State and of the USA and make complaint to the grievance commitee and to his boss Harriet Weinberger who will do nothing as she allows corruption and promotes it in the second dept. Mr. Fasanya is a pro male lawyer who will not represent your children as he is lazy and only sees kids about once a year for 5 minutes and he is late all the time for court appearances. He likes money and has a fancy car and lives in Rosedale with his Chinese wife who is his law partner and he has two children. Mr. Fasanya is corrupt and thinks he can have ex parte communications with the court personnel and judges to help one parent in custody disputes who pay him off with bribes, favors, referrals. We must work together to have this corrupt lawyer removed from the law guardian panel of the state of ny and from being on the 18b panel.

  7. Brian Timmon says:

    Referee Stanton was removed from her duties in Brooklyn courts due to allegations that she had sexual relations with someone in court during her work hours as a refeee. She was thrown out of Queens courts in the past and dumped in Brooklyn and Staten Island but they sent her back to us. We must fight to have this incompetent referee removed for her misconduct in our courts right away so contact the inspector general, the grievance commitee, the attorney general about the incompetence of this little girl who gets off on you calling her YOUR HONOR it is YOUR HORROR as she makes big mistakes and will be sued so bad as she does not follow the law. Judge Stokinger allows the abuse to continue as she is corrupt administrative judge who use to be at the district attorney’s office. she must be forced to retire as she lets juvi cases, acs cases, custody cases go on and on so corrupt lawyers can make money and corporation counsel. Investigations for misconduct must be done as in supreme where judge weinstein knows about the robbing of the surrogates, receiverships given out to his cronies when there are loop poles so they can take as much as they want and corrupt guardianships and theft of our homes by his brother jonathan found to be stealing from estates remove this judge as he has been there too long involved in corruption with his pal nahman picking lawyers who are district leaders, former judges, relatives of judges etc to get corrupt advantages inR stealing from litigants. Judge Weinstein guilty of allowing churning of divorce cases and for picking forensic doctors and lawyers from children who he knows or promotes rather than letting families pick their law guardian and forensic doctor. he has doctor kaplan making $25,000 per case from families for a simple forensic exam.

  8. lisa armstrong says:

    the line about children they birthed is a little thoughtless. my children were adopted and they and i suffered the same trauma after an unfair taking of them legally by their father. just saying.

  9. john mclean says:

    Judge Jeffrey sunshine is as corrupt as they come First he has a home appraised that’s not even being sold my wife will live thereThe judge picks the appraiser for a cost of500dollars way over cost.Then he assigns my child her own lawyer who wanted a 3000 dollar retainer one of the judges cronies My wife brought my 7 yr old daughter to be evaluated. The first words.out of the child’s lawyers mouth was who’s got the money.Like he gives a dam about my child. Secondly his office was so filthy my wife and child were sceeved out..My wife said the office was a death trap and god forbid if a fire broke out they would be dead. Now the judge orders him at every court date to stand next to me and do nothing but charge me for a court appearance.If this isn’t a classic example of a kickback scheme then justify why this man is in the courtroom. He saw my daughter once in his filthy office at 16 court street and shows up late at every court appearance to collect show up money A classic case of judicial corruption

  10. Donna Smith says:

    Judge Stokinger must be removed as administrative judge in Queens Family Court and investigations of her misconduct and that of her deputy clerk Elizabeth Songen must be done. Investigations of misconduct and unethical and illegal conduct of Judge Bogacz, Referee Stanton, Judge Lubow, Judge Salinitro and her husband who works in the court also creating a conflict of interest and stopping Referee Contaratos from coming in late on Mondays and Tuesdays only so she can relax at home but when she comes to court has everyone waitling around for her to call their case and she can get nasty and unjust. Investigations must be done asap as stanton and bogacz must be removed asap. Investigations into Judge Fasayana and Picirrillo and why they got judgeships must be done and judges must be selected on their merit and education not on their ability to hurt litigants and their political connections. Investigations of Judge Mary Fitzmaurice, Judge Strauss, Liebowitz, Jackman Brown, Jeremy Weinstein, Judge Kitzes and others connected politically to criminal behavior and they extort money from litigants in legal fees, order them to pay for forensics, lawyers for their kids and other services they have no right to order and force litigants to pay investigations for corruption must be done asap and clean out the courts and make time certain apts. for litigants in court and free forensics and lawyers for children and free supervision of parenting time but parents select providers.
    We need oversight committee of the courts on city, state, and federal levels asap.

  11. Walesca Sanchez says:

    I am speaking on behalf of my niece and nephew who recently are facing child abuse and neglect charges brought by the school their daughter attends. The little girl was out sick and under a doctors care, in which documentation was provided and school informed of being sick. Her school assignments were picked up and done so that she can keep up to date. They were also told to send her to school sick and provide the medication and they will administer it to her. As a parent I feel that if a child is sick you keep them home, and until child is given release from doctor that she/he is during better then I will send her back to school. These rules are in the public schools and day care centers. I know my rights as a parent, and I will go to all levels to protect my family. If anyone has any legal advice for me and my family I will definitely appreciate any suggestions or advice. Please pray for us.

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