Mission Statement

ALERT: Religious Orthodox Jewish victims are afraid to leave abusive situations because they won’t have access to kosher food. In reality, one’s safety comes before the prohibitions on diet. Nevertheless, that issue has now been resolved with CALA’s Shelter.  Please make the call!  

Advocacy Works! See what  we do. The Coalition is comprised of Ultra Orthodox Jewish survivors of abuse, aligned to combat corruption within the Brooklyn NY District Attorney’s office.  Victims of Domestic Violence are encouraged via Rabbis and advertising to contact the Jewish liaison at the DA’s office, Mrs. Henna White for assistance. As soon as they are in contact, all information is used against the victims. Mrs. White’s job is to whitewash all abuse statistics to make the community look clean to the media, as per the Rabbis who control her payroll. She even started the Kol Tzedek Offender Rehabilitation program!

The recent findings have linked OHEL Children’s Home and Family Services, the largest orthodox mental health agency in world, to the DA’s office.  Victims are bullied and mocked into silence, and their children are channeled to OHEL for services, via ACS CPS. There have been numerous allegations made against the agency for the last several years of covering up sex crimes and for other indiscretions.

Currently, it remains dangerous to report cases of sexual abuse/assault or domestic violence to professionals at Ohel Family Services or to Henna White.  David Mandel, director of OHEL went on record to say that it was much better to bring the allegations to rabbis to determine if a hot-line or police report should be made first.

The statistics of abuse in the Jewish Community is the same as anywhere else. We will not remain silent any longer. Our children were handed over to their abusers, to silence us into submission.  We will not take this lying down any longer. Charles Hynes, Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly, and Henna White – you’ve got to step down from office.

1 Response to Mission Statement

  1. Julie Levine says:

    Thank you – for your organization! And all the heroes
    standing up for victims.

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