NY Times Exposé

In May 2012, the NY Times began a long overdue Exposé on the connections between the Brooklyn NY’s Orthodox Jews (chassidim), and the DA’s office. The coverage exposed intimate alliances of systemic corruption between multiple government officials, agencies, and Rabbinical leaders, all synced to whitewash sex abuse allegations, and cover up heinous crimes in the Jewish community.


Jewish Orthodox Abuse Suspects Get Exemption – Identities Protected by Brooklyn DA

Brooklyn DA plays sex-abuse politics

No Sex Charge For Kolko; Boys’ Parents Foiled By DA

Dr. Pelcowitz Caught On Tape!

NY TIMES: Ultra-Orthodox Shun Their Own for Reporting Child Sexual Abuse

Pressure mounts on Brooklyn DA over Orthodox sex abuse cases

NY TIMES: For Ultra-Orthodox in Abuse Cases, Prosecutor Has Different Rules

Weberman’s Victims Speaks Out

NY Times: Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg sharply criticized the Brooklyn district attorney, Charles J. Hynes

CBS NewYork – Brooklyn DA Charles Hynes defends his position, again.

Is City Councilman David G. Greenfield Feeding Brooklyn DA Charles Hynes with More Money?

Yiddish posters up in Williamsburg asking for cash for accused child molester angering victim’s family

Kol Tzedek’s Bluff Exposed by CBS 2

Former NYC Mayor Edward Koch Says Hynes Should Prosecute the Rabbis

Please Sign Petition: Charles J. Hynes: Resign as DA

Thousands Come to Fundraiser for Legal Fees to Defend Rapist Weberman

NY POST: Holy Hell: Brooklyn DA reveals new details on nearly 100 Orthodox sex abuse cases

CNN’s Gary Tuchman Interviews Rabbi Nuchem Rosenberg and DA Charles Hynes

4 Chassidim Arrested for Witness Intimidation in Sex Case

Brooklyn DA Charles Hynes Brings Longtime Critics Into Fold

ALERT: Religious Orthodox Jewish victims are afraid to leave abusive situations because they won’t have access to kosher food. In reality, one’s safety comes before the prohibitions on diet. Nevertheless, that issue has now been resolved with CALA’s Shelter.  Please make the call!  

CALA NY Chronology: NY Wall of Shame

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