NY Wall of Shame

This wall is dedicated to judges, lawyers, forensic experts, visitation supervisors, law guardians, and expert witnesses who were liars and evil criminals. Now they are no longer practicing and ruining innocent childrens’ lives with ludicrous orders in NY Family Courts or Supreme Courts. Official contacts for making reports are at the end of this page.

Shame on Henna White, Brooklyn DA Charles Hynes’ liaison to the Jewish community who lures victims of sexual abuse to her office and milks them for information. Shame on her husband Asher White, family lawyer, who represents pedophiles referred to Kol Tzedek through Henna White.

OHEL Jewish Children’s Home and Family Services – Brooklyn NY
OHEL, The largest social services agency in the world, has allegedly been meddling with domestic violence and abuse cases in NY, by tampering with ACS testimony, and whitewashing crimes. Kickbacks for adoptions and shelter residents, grant money for legal fees, and whisking children away from mothers, are all a part of their daily work!
****Read More: The OHEL Investigation – chronology

On Sexual Abuse in the Jewish Community: Dr. Hindie Klein, is the psychotherapist who runs Ohel’s Tikvah Mental Health clinic in Borough Park in which several victims of sexual abuse have been “treated” (whitewashed). Klein is also in charge of Kol Tzedek at Ohel. (a grand scale rug pushing dynamic)

Shame on Dr. David Pelcowitz, psychologist aligned with Ohel who admitted on tape that he was instructed by the Rabbis not to tell parents to call police for sexual abuse!

Shame on Rachel Goldenberg, LMSW, located at 634 Wythe Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11211, 718-599-3667 – who is affiliated with Ohel, and Yeled Veyalda. Rachel signs on to chassidic domestic violence cases and offers to supervise visitations as a Social Worker, and then works as a liaison with ACS and their infamous lawyers such as Harvey S. Jacobs, to further perpetuate crimes against children. Shame on you, Rachel.  Those who fail to report true abuse and help eradicate abusers, are complicit in their crimes. Goldenberg is no stranger to playing dirty in court.
Shame on Andrew Goldman, former social worker and OHEL employee, turned sex abuser. Shame on Brooklyn’s DA for sweetening a plea deal of only 2 years!  ______________________________________________

Queens NY Supreme Court Judge Sidney Strauss– pulled from Queens custody battle after 10-year-old boy’s threatened to kill him, for not returning him back to his mother for custody.  The same judge made another controversial custody switch in 2007, placing a toddler with her dad against the recommendations of all involved. The girl’s distraught mother, Mazoltuv Borukhova, then had the father killed. The custody change was presented as her motive at her murder trial.


Brooklyn NY – Judge Jeffrey S. Sunshine – Shame on King’s County head of matrimonial division, for taking over the Queens case from disgraced Judge Sidney Strauss, and asserting himself and violating the Constitution.

****Read More: January 17, 2012 – Judge Jeffrey Sunshine Orders Mother to Stop Video-Chatting with Young Son

Robin K. Sheares, Brooklyn Family Court Judge was removed from the bench on July 14, 2010 after she sent a mom named Sukhwant Herb to Rikers Island for resisting her idiotic order to have her 9-year-old son visit his father Seon Jonas Sr., a serial rapist who’s serving 27 years in an Arizona prison. Herb was sentenced to a minimum of 50 days and never offered bail.

****Read More: Robin K. Sheares, Brooklyn Family Court Judge was removed from the bench on July 14, 2010

Judge Mathew D’Emic – Brooklyn Judge’s lawyer brother was indicted for insurance fraud but his record was wiped clean. This is the same judge that makes please with the DA on Chassidic pedophilia cases, and also the judge on the Simn & Chana Taub divorce case.

****Read More: Corruption in Judge Mathew Demic’s Court and His Personal Connections


Gerald P. Garson, Brooklyn, Kings County, N.Y. Democrat Lawyer; Justice of New York Supreme Court, 1998-2003, suspended from State Supreme Court in 2003. Convicted in April 2003 on bribery and misconduct charges, sentenced in June 2007 to three to ten years in prison and lost his law license. In December 2009, after 30 months in prison, he was released for good behavior at the age of 77.

****Read Full Story: NY Supreme Court Matrimonial Judge Gerald P. Garson Sentenced in June 2007 to Prison

Paul Siminovsky, a divorce lawyer in Brooklyn NY Supreme Court who appeared before Judge Gerald P. Garson in divorce cases, was arrested on February 25, 2003.He was sentenced to a year in prison in June 2007 and also lost his license to practice law, and agreed never to apply for reinstatement.

****Read Full Story: Former NY Divorce Attorney Paul Siminovsky sentenced to a year in prison and lost his license to practice law


Terrence J. McElrath, Brooklyn Family Court Judge, pending disqualification after a finding of abuse of discretion by the Supreme Court, county of Kings. lexisnexus: defendant mcElrath, for a shocking eyeopener on this Judge.  Matter of Renzulli v. McElrath,  Sabrina Green (dead 9 year old, blood on judge’s hands), and Jenifer Rodriguez held in prison without bail, her 7 year old son still missing. Judge’s home address is 744 PELTON Avenue, STATEN ISLAND NY 10310, anyone want to tell his wife?  Got more info? Contact us.


Child welfare caseworker Damon Adams, and Damon Adams
****Read Full Story: Two ACS Workers in NY CPS indicted in death of 4-year-old Child


More information is needed on Alexandra Cira-Campbell, children’s law guardian, Attorney at Children’s Law Center. please contact us with information.


Make a difference today, contact the officials in charge!

Charles P. Hynes, Brooklyn district attorney
New York City Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-621-HOPE (4673)

Amy Feinstein
Chief Assistant District Attorney

Anne Swern
1st Assistant District Attorney

Lance Ogiste
Counsel to District Attorney

Mary Hughes
Confidential Assistant District Attorney

David Bookstaver, spokesman for the Office of Court Administration
Mai Yee, Assistant Director
Telephone: (212) 428-2500

Jerry Schmetterer, chief spokesman for Mr. Hynes
(718) 250-2300

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    • eiso says:

      Miriam Snyder
      Miriam Snyder
      Miriam Snyder
      Miriam Snyder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  2. nancey g. says:

    Excellent work KEEEP it UUUPPP!!!!!
    This lmsw mrs goldenburg has token position to make money, and for the right price do the job works hand by hand with harvey ” crook” jacobs its unbelievable how corrupted the system is they teach the orthodox man to say the mother is crazy gets some support on that and will do as needed and will hire an attorney like the court show player harvey “crook” jacobs and get away with all the court must get to know the players harvey should be the laugh of court not the judge he can say the biggest lie and the judge will think some percent of truth is there
    Thus making the judge a fool !!!!!!
    The foolish system must take an end get the word out spread it and it will help the moms who usually don’t have the bucks need better attorney’s and the system should be batter educated
    Harvey is being paid to wrongful help you miss lead the system and his license should be revoked after a true investigation
    Thanks for you sight
    Ps email address is not for identity reason.

  3. John says:

    David Pelcovitz was instructed not to speak about certain things; otherwise he would not be allowed to speak at any event in the ultra-orthodox community. He figured he would comply to at least raise awareness of the issue.

  4. libby says:

    contact me if wish to do a petition against the abuses in the court system and to agree to child custody reform bill, children’s rights bill, and a court reform bill, plan to go to Albany as a group of advocates on court reform in January 2013. Petition to get article 78 proceedings against Judge Fitzmaurice, Judge Strauss, Referees in Queens family court such as Referee Stanton and Judge Bogacz

    • Jeremy says:

      I am dealing with 3 very biased court officials: judge rachel adams of kings supreme court, helene bernstein law gaurdian and mark rand in a divorce case which has dragged on for years and bankrupted me

      • Michael Garson says:

        Dr Rand should have been able to complete his report after 40 hours at $350 per hour. He spends most of his sessions talking about getting his bill paid. I’m sure his reports are equally laughable. I doubt that any extended time given to him to complete his report will not change anything but the bill he sends out

      • nava says:

        I am currently going through a tough custody battle before Judge Rachel Adams. I would like to know more about her. Can you please tell me why she is biased and any other information that you may have. She is very mean to me and very nice to the father. I don’t understand why. I really need to know. Can you please help me?

      • Queensfella says:

        I delt with the se two bitches innmu divorce. It has been 5 years and my divrircr is still not compete. I got completely hosed financially and emotionally by these two

    • Kim says:

      Libby–call me at 212 556 3685. I’m interested in talking to you.

  5. Lola says:

    lawyer for children ade fasanya must be removed from panel of lawyers assigned to cases in new york as he fails to advocate on behalf of his clients and fails to call, email, fax, or respond to letters of mother of children or her lawyers for years. He has extorted over $100,000 in unearned legal fees in many cases. Mr. Fasanya has treated mothers in Roberts and Costiga cases abusively by intentionally keeping children and their mothers apart for years based on his cultural bias in which he favors men as custodians as he is from Nigeria where men have multiple wives, women cannot vote or own land.
    Judge Bernice Segal keeping a little boy from his mother for almost two years based on lies of father and his lawyer who is dead beat dad not wanting to pay child support and mother not given a hearing. Judge took house and gave it to father after mother lived there with child all of his life leaving mother homeless.
    Referee Stanton needs to be removed from being a referee as she only cares about procedural issues and is incompetent to handle family matters and she has made many very big mistakes warranting criminal charges to be brought against her for abuses in her discretion, ex parte commnunications with lawyers, making decisions to keep children and their parents apart unjustly.
    Judge Bogacz should step down from the bench or be removed for misconduct in failing to allow litigants oral arguments, failing to resolve issues fairly that are before him, for having ex parte communications with lawyers and for doing what lawyers who are his buddies want him to do rather than what is just and fair in cases. He has litigants wait around to see him for 3-8 hours each day and takes a two hour lunch. He starts the day after 10:30 but has everyone there at 9am and he closes up for the day at 3:30pm and sometimes does not come in at all.
    Lawyers Howard Felcher and Andrew Ayers perjure themselves in our courts everyday getting unjust relief for their clients. They churn cases and steal money from litigants. They work in New York and New Jersey courts and they must be punished for lying to get relief for clients by losing their licenses to practice law and should be forced to pay back all legal fees they have taken from clients and pay damages.
    The following lawyers take excessive fees and do not do any work to resolve cases for clients in New York: Dominick Barbara and his license was revoked due to misconduct, Raul Felder, Alex Potruch, Sari Friedman, Wisselman and Harounian, Michael Joseph, Mike Riley, Eliz Vreeburg, Audrey Sager, Robert Broderick, Steve Fink, Steve Greenfield, Norman Bock, Mike Dikman,
    Steve Gassman, Steve Schissel, and many others.
    We need to bring to the public’s attention how these lawyers are robbing people and stop the abuse.
    Judges are allowing cases to be churned and for lawyers to keep cases going for years such as Judge Fitzmaurice – who is retired but who was a former nun who was abusive to litigants and was lazy and who made huge mistakes in cases, was biased, was unethical,gave relief unjustly to one litigant in proceedings, who should never have been put on the bench.
    Judge Strauss who had no training in custody cases, would scream at litigants and lawyers in an out of control way, and who let the cases go on and on to let his lawyer friends make a fortune. He is a political guy who got the legislature to let him and other 70 year old lawyers stay on the bench until they are 76 even when they are forgetful already and too lazy to read motions that are before them and cannot see the motions. His court room is empty most of the time and he gets to do what he wants because Judge Weinstein the administrative judge allows this.
    Judge Weinstein allows lawyers to sit around all morning for their cases to be heard and knows that the court house is empty all afternoon even though time certain appointments could be made.
    Judge Weinstein allows receiverships, guardianships, and surrogate work go to politically connected lawyer friends of his and his brother Jonathan was removed from his job as a lawyer due to his abuses of taking excessive fees in surrogate cases where lawyes steal money from famiies when there is no will in a case.

  6. mary jean michaels says:

    stop abuses of corrupt lawyer howard felcher and his site is the one that is doing identity theft and his office not on fith ave as he is in jersey and is a liar and unethical lawyer. andrew ayers works in a acting studio at a desk. He is a liar and an unethical lawyer and he must have his license to practice law taken . Ade Fasanya represents children and he is corrupt and takes bribes. he fails to advocate for kids he represents as he takes bribes from one parent or the other. he must have his license taken away and harriet weinberger allows him to stay as she is in on corruption and she lets 18b lawyers do whatever they want and must monior them as they fail to protect interests of poor people such as steve greenfield, christine marshall, bob modena as they take cases and fail to prepare and marshall rude and mean to her clients and is strange lady. monitor those 18b lawyers and replace panel member s of guardian commitee such as harvey jacobs, audrey sager, steve gassman as they have conflict of interest as they must not be on the panel and take harriet wienberger offt the panel remove judgess strauss, liebowitz, stanton, bogacz, salinitro, stokinger, weinstein. lawyers eliz vreeburg, audrey sager, mike riley, gassman, potruch, shissel, raul felder, broderick, must be stopped in taking huge fees and bait and switch of sari friedman, wisselman and harounian, gassman, shcissel , felder see them pay huge fee and they switch you to young and inexperienced lawyer but take your cash and refuse to do work on your case phony corrupt people must be ordered to return fees, investigated and thrown in jail.

  7. monica mayers says:

    forensic doctors marcus brothers in queens work as a team to making it work but they keep it going charging parents hundreds of dollars a week to see their child. ade fasanya corrupt lawyer for children in queens who works as 18b lawyer drives a bmw and has a lot of money due to bribe taking in custody cases and he is from nigeria where favor custody to fathers so all fathers try to get him on their side. In nigeria men have multiple wives and it is ok in their culture for women to have no rights to vote, own land, be custodial parent as they are just baby mommas for the bedroom. Mr. fasanya runs around corruptly influencing judges and their staff behind closed doors to help those he accepts bribes from not by following wishes and best interests of children he is court ordered to advocate for on behalf of their wishes. the marcus brothers and dr robert kaplan who only accepts a minimum of 25,000 cash per three visit evaluation from all litigants in thousands of cases and if assigned him have to pay the big bucks and hope he picks you as custodial parent. watch out for jamie sellers in nassau county as he can be swayed for large bribes and he is pro male and sneaky on trial stay away from him get the courts to allow parents to select their own doctors and lawyers for their children.
    corruption in queens supreme and family court due to robbing of the surrogates court, receiverships, guardianships, foreclosures, churning of divorce and custody cases which judge weinstetin and stokinger know about and allow. corruption by lettinng juvi and acs cases drag on unresolved keeping children from their parents unjustly often and having litigants sit around court house all day for months and years while judges come in at 11 and take two hour lunch and leave at 3pm court houses empty in afternoons. judges should get 4 years and be evaluated if too many complaints take them out competency tests every two years and stay on appellate and court of appeals no more than 4 years pick judges on merit, experience, results they get in resolving cases fairly make them accountable and let us sue them easilyt if they decide to be unethical and take bribes and have ex partee communications stop abuses of corrupt divorce and custody lawyers especially howard felcher,, andrew ayers, audrey sager, sari friedman, raul felder, gassman, schissel, wisselman and harounian, elizabeth vreeburg, harvey jacobs, mike riley , bob broderick, mike dikman, norman bock, nicolosi, mike joseph, send in complaints about them stealing from you to the district attorney, attorney general, administrative judge gail prudentik, fern fischer, inspector general, mayor, governor, your assemblymember, your senator. judge weinstein’s brother lost his law license for stealing from surrogates court and judge

  8. margaret miller says:

    queens family court and supreme corruuption is rampant and denial of due process. judges and referees leave litigants sitting outside courtrooms all day while their lawyers earn fees unjustly. most of the judges and referees do not have training or ability to resolve cases quickly and fairly and make big and unfair mistakes in relatively simple cases. they are instructed to churn cases by corrupt supervisors who are friends with the lawyer and politicians in the area who control our courts. if someone wants to be a judge they have to attend political events, club meetings, pay for events politiicans hold to raise money, they are picked as judge based on how well they listen to democratic party leaders and if they can help politcians get access to getting assignments, guardianships, receiverships, foreclosures or have their lawyer associates or friends get it. it is corrupt as all that money should be going to relatives of those who died without a will etc there is loop pole that must be closed and politicians especially shelly silver and his cronies make bills based on what lobbyist who pay them big bucks want unjust and thos senators, assemblymembers must make bills only for things other than their area of law to avoid doing things only for themselves 4 year term limits must be set for assembly, senate, congress etc
    mayor must investigate complaints about supreme court referees and judges before reappointing them and must be clean up and take out of bad and unethical judges political people must not be working in courts as clerks etc non interested parties select judges based on merit, education, achievement, ability to resolve issues quickly and fairly rate them and have supervisory panel of outsiders to discipline and remove them. watch appellate division 2nd dept clerks sit around and do not get up when you go in and can be there for minimum of 4 hours to bring a motion must reverse and read papers way more and court of appeals must entertain at least 50% of all cases that come before them work everyday and all day and get rid of judges over 65 and do competency test 4 year term limits and when get out cannot go to 700 an hour job like judge kaye at skadden, citpatrick, or judge boyers as the firms try to bribe them for their connections to the court unjust take out shelly silver, helene weinstein as she is assembly judiciary supervisor who does not let bills the people need pass but allows bills such as letting judges stay on until 76 pass when it is not in publics interest and she does not care about the public just pay offs for favors term limits clean up the house stop corruption public funding of campaigns and judge ships 5,000 max save the money for the people not useless politicians overhaul court system get free lawyes for the people pro se litigants get more computers and less books, get cameras in chambers and court room let tapes of proceedings be purchased and get rid of court reporters who work for the court and change things in their reporting to help judges not people so they can keep their jobs
    take out judge bogacz, referee stanton, magistrate kirblum, contaratis, judge stokinger in queens family court and judge sid strauss, judge liebowitz, judge jeremy weinstein in queens supreme and get rid of olivia mathis who is supervisor of matrimonial, and staff in criminal court library, let litigants into queens criminal court without having them wait on lines for ah hour or more get more guards at the doors and cut down the amount of security officers in the courts to half what they have as they do nothing but read their books and get into peoples business put the money into getting mediators and arbitrators time certain appointments are imperative and put up electronic boards in all courts with the time certain appointments
    let litigants get the copy of their tapes from their court appearances and have max on on long divorce cases and all cases can pend 1 year or start punishing the judges with money fines and allow litigants to sue their lawyers and judges by providing free malpractice lawyers and lawyers to enforce that litigants rights protected undet the law cap on what divorce lawyers can make

    watch out for corrupt and unethical lawyers such as howard felcher and andrew ayers a they steal money from litigants and they have been in trouble with judge drager and thrown out of her court room for lying and have been known to steal money from clients and lie to the court to gain unfairl advantage.

    look out for unethical lawyer for the child ade fasanya, a nigerian lawyer who takes bribes and has ex parte communications withthe court personnel to help party that pays him off in every way. he must be taken off the panel of 18b lawyers assigned to represent children and litigants and he must have his license to practic law taken away due to abuses of his position and harm he has caused children.

    referee stanton is unethical and incompetent referee who must be removed from the system

    judge bogacz churns juvi cases for years to help corporation counsel make money and he does not allow litigants oral arguments and refuses to put things on the record defying constitutional rights of litigants and he must be removed for cause

    judge weinstein allows his lawyer friends to steal from the queens supreme surrogates court, guaridanships, receiverships, foreclosures and divorce court and the court house empty all afternoon every day but all morning packed and he can be seen sending cases out to the corrupt lawyers to make good rulings for politicans and those who can pay him and his friends off right

    judge stokinger must be removed from queens family court as administrator due to her failure to get cases resolved quickly and how she allows litigants to sit around her court all day with no idea when their case will be called

    move judges and court staff between court houses every two years
    and train court of appeals and appellate judges two years for each area of law criminal, matrimonial, real estate, etc.

  9. mellisa mark says:

    judge maryellen fitzmaurice is retired now and the public can be grateful for that as she was the worst judge in queens and brooklyn courts ever. she was a former nun who was mean and harsh to litigants and always took a side making her partial which is against the law to stay in position to decide a case if biased see her decision in rosenberg v rosenberg and other cases where she belittles, screams at, and totally decides in favor of one litigant over another unfairly. all cases she was involved in must be retried and she must be punished for her crimes by being held accountable for her decisions in cases while on the bench.
    lawers sari friedman, wisselman, harounian, robert hilsik, raul felder, alex potruch, bob broderick, mike riley, ellie vreeburg, audrey sager, dominick barbara, mike dikman, shissel, gassman, norman bock, michael joseph, steve greenfield, steve fink, christine marshall, howard felcher, andrew ayers, ade fasanya, must be ordered to return legal fees they have unjustly taken from clients that were not earned and these lawyers must be disciplined by the court for abuses they cause litigants in bullying them, not giving bills, overcharging, incompetency in handling cases, using their connection just for themselves not for litigants, lie to protect themselves, churn cases, do not do a good job, are unethical and so many others too so expose them and write in complaints here, to grievance commitee,, to attorney general, to district attorney, to the newspaper, to the tv stations, to chief judges to stop the abuses of our court system make mediation and arbitration the way of the future in our courts if motions not decided in 60 days fine the judges and fine them for ex parte communications, failure to allow due process, failure to follow constitution, abuse of discretion, going out of jurisdiction, making folks wait outside their court room when they are late, take long lunch, leave early

  10. The Supreme Court of NYS is rife with corruption, matrimonial division, with Judge Laura Drager being the head criminal of a syndicate far worse than Tammany Hall. My daughter and I are among hundreds of victims of Drager who is well known to take “donations” from the monied spouse in cases. The person making donations to Drager is allowed to perpetrate Legal Abuse Syndrome against the other (and the kids). She has her former court attorneys like Ira Garr accept these donatons to buy justice. She has illegally allowed my ex to use the Court system against me since 2006 with no end in sight. My ex, a wealthy biglaw lawyer, has evicted from the family condo despite being able to pay, stole my daughter’s small Trust Fund, has refused to keep the mandated $5k in the emergency medical fund, has allowed my ex noncompliance with most points of our Stipulations. My ex has never been ordered to pay legal costs despite proper Notice of Default being filed. I have had three unenforceable court orders for the medical account – and none emforced, certainly no legal fees. Harm has come to my child from lack of funds including asmall cavity which grew to a huge root canal. There has been domestic violence against me for years which our daughter witnessed. My ex is now trying to take all therapy away from my kid unless I agree in writing neither of us speak about DV. This request is illegal, but Ken Burrows, opposition counsel, requests illegal agreements incessantly as Judge Drager will rubber stamp them. Drager is notorious for yelling and screaming in her court room, her irrational ire directed at all present. So many people have documented that Drager is for sale and overlooks domestic violence – the Janice Schacter case, Stephanie Lerner, Susan Titus Glascoff, Chana Taub, etc. Drager has a scam also where she forces these poor kids away from their moms and places them in boarding school. My ex is a convicted felon, he lied under oath and caused others to commit perjury yet Drager takes his side (look up SGS in Milberg Weiss scandal). Drager threatened me to pay his legal fees, flouting the monied spouse law. He makes $17m a year, I get less than $150k child support). Laura Drager is the biggest corrupt judge sitting today. Please sign the petition against her at Change.org! Legions of complaints against her go unanswered. NYT head legal writer is married to a Supreme Court Judge so it’s covered up. Please sign against Judge Drager and save innocent kids!

  11. sara brown says:

    Referee Stanton in Queens FAmily Court has been removed from Brooklyn courts due to her being caught having sexual relations in the courthouse. They dumped her back in Queens when she was thrown out of Queens a few years ago for misconduct. She also was removed from Staten Island Courts. Please send complaints against her to judicial misconduct commission, inspector general and the attorney general. Pls. send complaints to your administrative judge and the clerk of court on 5th floor of queens family court but know that nothing will be done about your complaint because Judge Stokinger needs to retire right away and the mayor must not reappoint her, Stanton, Bogacz, Contaratis, Salinitro, and in Supreme Strauss must retire after he has ruined so many lives with his incompetence as a custody judge. It is tim to get a new administrative judge in Queens Supreme as Judge Weinstein knows that lawyers are robbing the surrogates courts, getting unjust guardianships, receiverships, and illegal foreclosures and it is time that he is removed and we get an ethical judge supervising our courts. The court house is empty every afternoon and Judge Weinstein knows all about the corruption because his brother Jonathan was removed from being a lawyer it is told for stealing from estates of widows and was busted. Stop the corruption in the courts by writing to your public officials and doing rallies to set term limits for judges, elected officials and all for no more than 4 years. Ban sons, daughters, wives, district leaders, former judges from getting any appointments, receiverships, guardianships in our state and close the loop poles so that they have to disclose annual total earnings on estates, receiverships and it it the annual total not the amount of no more than 5,000 which allows them to each take 70,000 a year if they take 4,800 or so each time. There is corruption in queens family court too. judge stokinger was former chief in district attorney’s office we need to see acountability of juvi cases, adoptions, foster care for prolonging cases to make money for corporation counsel right away lets investigate and expose the misconduct. Clearly there are unethical things going on in queens supreme and family court as well as criminal and civil. have panel of non political accountants investigate the books of the courts and demand accountability by having non poltiical people run the county clerks offices of each court. Panel of people to ensure that we elect our judges based on their merit, education,e xperience, and ability to fairly settle matters in the courts quickly. Judge Jackman brown and others taking way too long to resolve easy cases and it seems that judge weinstein wants to have back up of cases by makig judges do motions all in one day so the court room is packed when there could be time certain appointments. just so we can pay his lawyer friends audrey sager, mike dikman, alex potruch, and all the district leaders and bar members he is buddies with. Do not hire sari friedman, audrey sager, alex potruch, wisselman and harounian, mike riley, elizabeth vreeburg, steve greenfield, raul felder as will take money and churn your case look out for shissel, gassman. If you run into ade fasanya, howard felcher or andrew ayers do not work with them and make compliant to the government right away iwhen they make ethical violations. do not agree to have marcus brothers assigned as forensics or supervisors for visistation and do not agree to pay 25,000 for forensic with dr robert kaplan or any other huge amount you will illegally be charged.

    • Kim says:

      Sara-call me at 212 556 3685 or find me on Twitter at @kim_barker. I’m interested in talking to you.

    • Sammy says:

      I found Dr. Randy Marcus to be very fair, reasonable and genuinely concerned about the kids. His only problem is that he tries too hard to look unbiased. If he has a complaint about one parent, he will always find something negative to say about the other.

  12. Rita Rogers says:

    Dr. Paul and his social worker brother Marcus are making money by alleging that you need to be supervised during your time with your own children. Dr. Paul Marcus will do the forensics report and deem you need to be supervised by his brother Randolf for $100 an hour in his little office in Forest Hills where you have to sit with Randolf and watch your child play in the office. You have to use your hard earned money to pay off these corrupt brothers who pretend you need their help and you will have to beg them to do a favorable report for you but they will demand to make the money they want for months before freeing you and your child. Dr. Paul will prolong his investigations of you for months charging you close to $10,000 just to say you are normal and your child is normal. Watch out ladies as this is a male prefered doctor as he is hired by sari friedman and other lawyers who try to get custody for their male clients. try to switch to a different doctor if you are a lady and do not let the court make you pay for this exam as there must be a judge who chose the doctor who is a pal of theirs. let’s investigate the list of forensic doctors that the judges pick from and the law guardian list they select your lawyer for your kids from let’s look at the lists of names and look into why they are on the list and if they have complaints against them.
    Corruption in having judges decide who will be your family’s lawyer for your kids and the one to evaluate your mental health and to decide if your kid wants to live with you. gives the court a lot of power over us parents unjust and corrupt make complaints do not bother with harriet weinberger the supervisor of the law guardians in 2nd dept because she will do NOTHING FOR YOU MAKE COMPLIANt about her and ask for audrey sager, steve gassman, and harvey jacobos to be taken off the law guardian panel as conflict of interest
    look up sunny shu case as the man did a video of himself to say he would be killed after making complaints about a judge and he was killed as the court took his house and kept it for 10 years by trying to steal his property and when he died they gave it back to his family they took his body and burned it.
    appellate division and court of appeals no better we need term limits of 4 years for judges to sit on these benches and they must have training in each area of law of 2 years plus criminal, matrimonial, housing, estates, finances.

    worst judges in queens ever judge maryellen fitzmauricee, judge sidney strauss, judge jeff liebowitz, Judge jerry weinstein, and in queens family court judge carol stokinger, referee julie stanton, magistrate kirschblum, magistrate contaratis, judge steven bogacz, judge salinitro.court of appeals only take 4% of all cases brought before them so unjust make it 60% work full time up there in albany replace judge lipmann and get hardworking non political judge in charge with proper experience demand that sheldon silver be removed as speaker as he must be investigated and is very corrupt. remove ms. weinstein from being head of judiciary in the assembly right away as she is shelly’s little assistant to do corrupt things to the court system only to help corrupt people.
    do not allow judges to work outside courts once they leave the bench

    • Zelesha singh says:

      I am in Queens Family court for custody of my daughter who is 16, this case has been going on for over five yrs. dr Marcus did forensics and I believe he is wrong on his findings. My daughter is currently depressed and cannot be with her dad for long periods, and he is suggesting custody to dad. I need help. 347-244-4172

  13. evelyn ward says:

    Judge Laura Drager is widely known as the most corrupt Judge in the US. She has been dubbed a CEO of New York’s Divorce Company, where she runs a major network in business to defraud the weaker litigant and unlawfully seize their property. She works along with Raoul Felder, Ira Garr and Judith White, and it is reported that these people are pivotal in arranging “the deal”.

    Raoul Lionel Felder, the infamous divorce attorney who was kicked off the Judicial Committee for Misconduct…for misconduct… is know as the “Old Double Dipper”. He first takes a fee from the helpless wife and then takes a fee from the husband to tank the wife’s case.

    Drager manipulates attorneys into corruption. If you aren’t “on the take’, she makes sure that she pulls an attorney to the dark side.

    She has no qualms about destroying women and children to ensure that her powerbroker litigant client wins…because they have compensated this corrupt

    This Judge keeps cackling and cackling…the more dastardly her deed…the bigger the cackle. She is a damaging woman who has overseen child abuse, domestic violence and porn sent to children, to enrich her client. She is a sub par jurist who is criminally shrewd, but as dumb as person can get, having not knowledge of the law. It doesn’t matter, that this Judge doesn’t know the law, because she doesn’t enforce it. Maybe that’s why she is a criminal.

    Hundreds are demanding the removal of the criminally corrupt Judge Laura Drager at Change.org. Help us vote her off the bench. We won’t stop until she resigns.

  14. Audrey says:

    I too was raked in by Raoul Felder who no doubt was supposed to represent
    me and my 3 minor children against my powerful rich monied doctor husband and
    after 2 years and all of my savings wound up with only the apartment we live in as
    child support. Felder even said to me maybe he can get me on food stamps. He should
    be removed from practicing law. Everyone I have tried to go to to sue him runs from my
    case. That is how connected this whole corrupt system is. I see from all of these posts I am not
    alone. I would like to cry out on the courthouse steps.

  15. ADE FASANYA LAWYER is corrupt and must have his license to practice law in our state revoked. Please investigate misconduct on part of this bribe taker and unethcal attorney who fails to protect interests of his clients who are innocent children in our state of ny

  16. Mr. Fasanya represented children of a mother in Queens Supreme Court and I observed the proceedings. I found Mr. Fasanya to be having ex parte communications with Judge Siegel. I found that the mother was being unjustly kept from her son so the lawyers could extort money from her. Mr. Fasanya is known in the Queens Courts to have a big mouth. He screams about everything because he is a product of the welfare mentality where he is use to getting everything for nothing. He does no work and wants money from the system. Mr. Fasanya should be jailed and fined for abuse to children in or state and he should be sent back to NIgeria where they are use to dealiing in corruption and bribe taking.

  17. lindalevin says:

    ade fasanya is a corrupt lawyer from queens where he is a player in dishonesty and extortion. stop abuse to our children and throw this big mouthed arrogant guy off the bench. Get him one way ticket to Nigeria.

  18. Mr. Fasayna hurt and abused my child while representing him. He is an evil and ruthless lawyer who must be disbarred. THrow him off the 18b panel. Harriet weinberger director of the program should be ashamed as she knows of his harm to children and leaves him and other unethical and incompetent lawyers to represent our young and helpless children. FIre Harriet Weinberger and if inspector general and chief administrative judges allow this abuse fire them immediately. Give justice to the people.

  19. Drager victim says:

    Supposedly now there’s an open investigation against the corrupt Drager by the Inspector General of Court’s office. Drager covers for the big-money clients by having transcripts fixed, and it’s getting more brazen. Lawyers are now signing a petition against Drager, her illegalities are untenable and growing. There’s supposed to be a tape, with Drager and her crew of misfits disparaging the group of women who are sold out – Drager calls them The Clique. No justice, no court rulings for these litigants, no court orders enforced, no equitable distribution, overlooks domestic violence. Drager threatens if you won’t give up $$$ she’ll illegally send your kid to boarding school on behalf of your ex. Drager = common criminal. Contact Janice Schacter to take collective action. Ditch the witch.

  20. Roberta T says:

    Brenda Spears is a living nightmare.

  21. W rose says:


  22. Leroy Jones says:

    Jacqueline Harounian & Lloyd Rosen of Wisselman Harounian & Associates PC, located at 1010 Northern Blvd #300, Great Neck, NY 11021 Great Neck, New York, Telephone (516) 773-8300 are Bloodsucking Lying Coldblooded Parasites Lying Cheating Thieving Conniving Money-Hunngry Dishonest Disloyal Abandoning Unethical Bastards.

    Do yourself and your family a favor and never, ever hire this den of vipers known as Wisselman Harounian & Associates PC.

    The lead partner Jacqueline Harounian will throw you under the bus when you need her the most, never return your phone calls after you have paid her their god awfully large retainer of $10,000, and then she will pawn you off on some know-nothing idiot of an Associate Attorney named Lloyd Rosen, who looks like he was lobotomized with a fork.

    He always has his mouth open and spit and drool falls down on his shoes – yes, he is THAT stupid.

    This law firm bills itself as a “Family Law Firm” but in reality all they excel at is stealing your hard-earned money, adjourning your hearings for a year or more while consistently increasing their bill at $450 per hour, never notifying you of important decisions and developments on your case, flirting with your ex while you haplessly think they are having a “conference,” abandoning you and your kids when you need them the most, leaving to you to make major legal decisions because they refuse to do the legal research for you, and all in all, completely and totally ass-fucking you all the way to the bank.

    These cruel, cold, and heartless snakes do not care about you, your case, your children, or whether or not you live or die.

    They are the exact opposite of the word, compassion.

    Please do yourself a favor and run in the opposite direction of these bastard lawyers and tell all of your friends to avoid them like they are syphilis.

    You have been warned.

    If you have unfortunately already hired them, first call your credit card company and do a credit card chargeback for failure to receive services, then do a fee dispute with the NYCLA Fee Dispute Committee located at 14 Vesey Street, New York, NY tel: (212) 267-6646, and then file a disciplinary complaint with the Departmental Disciplinary Committee located at Grievance Committee for the Tenth Judicial District, 150 Motor Parkway, Suite 102, Hauppauge, NY 11788, tel: (631) 231-3775.

  23. sara brown says:

    Andrew Ayers is a corrupt lawyer who lies to get his way in court in violation of state laws and ethcs. Mr Andrew M. Ayers must have his license to practice law taken away for good right away to protect the people of our states of NY, NJ, and Conn. Mr. Ayers bribed corrupt lawyer for children Ade Fasanya by paying him bribes, favors, referrals. Mr. Fasanya must lose his license as well along with Mr. Ayers. Mr. Fasanya is now a judge in Manhattan Family Court despite his unethical conduct. Mr. Ayers worked for Mr. Felcher but was fired once his perjury before Judge Jackman Brown was uncovered in court. Mr. Ayers must be stopped from abusing litigants by having his license taken. Mr. Ayers lives in Summit NJ and his married with a young child Mr. Ayers is a short balding heavy set man with glasses. Mr. Ayers is a danger to others and himself due to his violent tendencies. Pls. send all complaints to the administrative judges in our courts and to the inspector general/grievance committee.

  24. Rebecca Taylor says:

    Ade Fasanya was a lawyer for children in Queens courts. Mr. Fasanya was selected as a judge in Manhattan Family Courts despite his unethical conduct in handling cases as a lawyer for children. Mr. Fasanya accepted bribes, referrals, and favors to get relief for the client he accepted bribes from. Mr. Fasanya must be investigated, removed from being a judge, disciplined, have his license to pratice law taken from him. Mr. Fasanya is from Nigeria and his married to a Chinese lawyer who practices as a lawyer for children in Queens. He has two children and has offices with his wife in Rosedale, Queens. Mr. Fasanya has made a fortune by corruptly taking money from people to allegedly resolve their cases when he churns cases for years and has ex parte communications with judges in violation of ethical codes. Mr. Fasanya has stolen money from so many families and people and must be investigated by the FBI due to his theft. Mr. Fasanya engages in contact with litigants and lawyers even though he is a judge by attending political events, being on commitees at the bar association. Mr. Fasanya needs to return money he has stolen from litigants. He is known to come to court late, to not show up for proceedings, to not prepare, to not visit children he is assigned to represent, or their wishes

  25. Julie Wright says:

    Daniel Costigan is an attorney, an MBA, a chartered financial analyst who refuses to pay child support and stole custody of his children against their wishes or best interests. Mr. Costigan is an abusive man who tortured his children and ex wife to steal custody due to his refusal to pay child support or maintenance to his ex wife. Mr. Costigan moved to Queens to terrorize his ex wife and children. He lives in a dump but has trust fund of millions of dollars. Daniel Costigan is a rigid controlling man who suffers from narcisstic personality disorder and obsessive compulsive disorder. He refuses to get a job and steals money from his ex wife and for 13 years has attempted to drain his ex wife of every penny. Mr. Daniel Costigan failed to ever pay equitable distribution and refuses to let his ex wife attend their children’s events, refuses to give their children to her on holidays, vacations, during the summer, refuses to let her attend her children’s school,medical, dental and other events. Daniel Costigan is an abuser who needs to be stopped and investigated for lying in court as an attorney and who has manipulated the court system to abuse his children by not allowing them to see their mother. Mr. Costigan has millions in trust funds and has ownership interest in ocean front home in Bayhead NJ, has other assets

  26. Susan Boyle says:

    Julie Stanton is a referee in Queens who is unfit to make rulings or decisions in family court cases due to her abuse of litigants, her need to control cases. Referee Stanton is believed to be incompetent by many litigants, judges, and other court personnel but is permited to make orders and decisions due to her having a connection in the courts whereby she is permitted to continue to hurt litigants and make unjust rulings in cases. Ms. Julie Stanton must be removed as a referee and have her license to practice law taken away from her. Ms. Stanton is a vindictive, mean referee who is angry that she does not have her own children. SHe was removed from Brooklyn, Staten Island and other courts due to misconduct. Pls. write letters to the inspector general about your experience with this very biased and mean referee. She is supported in the Queens Courts by the supervising judge Carol Stokinger and other biased and partial judges and referees who make decisions in cases to make money for the system, for certain lawyers who are their pals, and to keep cases pending as long as possible.

  27. Sally Hansen says:

    Magistrate Contaratis is a support magistrate in the Queens courts. She gives partial treatment to lawyers on the 18b panel who are her friends. The magistrate only cares about how she looks and wears expensive suits and fancy clothes. She only works two days a week and gets plenty of vacations causing the amount of people outside her part to be 35 or more litigants and their lawyers each Monday and Tuesday. The litigants and their lawyers wait around all day to have their cases called. The magistrate can be nice if her feathers are not ruffled in any way. The magistrate starts to scream and yell if you do not have all your papers ready for her when she asks for them. She tends to show partial treatment to one litigant in proceedings usually men and she berats the other litigant along with her court officers whom she screams for to keep litigants in line so they will not speak up or do anything except what she wants. Magistrate Contaratis threatens people with jail time for non payment of support with no regard for if the person is working or other valid reasons for non payment. Avoid having your case in Queens Family court because the Magistrate is unfair and after she makes a decision she has some evil judges back up what she decides such as Judge Lubow or Judge Salinitro who everyone wants off the bench.

  28. Bill Thompson says:

    Judge Bogacz and his law assistant Ms. Muscus must be taken off the bench and disciplined due to ex parte communications, taking bribes from lawyers they are friends with on the 18b panel and they must be stopped from churning custody cases, having ACS cases go on for no just cause, causing parents to be removed from their children based on lies to put the children in foster care to make money for the system. Judge Bogacz has been writen up by ABC tv for hurting children of color by placing them in foster care to make money for unfound reasons. Judge Bogacz and Judge Lubow were written up for this. If you get Judge Bogacz in Queens Family Court immediately ask for your case to be moved or removed from the court as he has a team of officers and other court personnel in his court room waiting for you and your lawyer to sit outside his part all day for months and months as he comes in after 10 and opens at 11 and takes a two hour lunch and often takes days off for his vacation and relaxation. When you get in the court room you will be denied due process as you will not be able to make oral argument nor will your lawyer. Pls. write complaints to administrative judge,s to inspector general, to the mayor, to the mayor judicial appoinment commitee, to the bar association reelection committee. Stop theaabuses

  29. Carol Thomson says:

    Write letters to your administrative judges to have bad judges and referees removed from our courts asap due to their bias, their partiality, and their failure to afford due process. We must have Judge Sidney Strauss removed for good from Queens Supreme Court due to the harm he caused Annamarie Macavoy, and so many other litigants. The judge was a district leader who accepted favors, bribes from lawyers such as Audrey Sager to fix cases and churn them for years. Another pal of his Mike Dikman and Alex Potruch. This judge is not fit to stay on the bench and he caused a child to lose her parents and end up in foster care. There are a lot of corrupt things going on in Queens Supreme due to the court keeping Judge Weinstein as presiding judge despite his being brought up on federal charges with his brother Jon for allegedly stealing money from the surrogates court. He got out of that but his brother lost his license to practice law. Many judges and polticaily connected lawyers get to steal money from our surrogates courts nationwide due to failures in the loop poles and anti trust laws. We must fix the loop poles and we must investigate the judes, have cameras in the court rooms, chambers of every judges and stop lawyers from contributing to judges races.

  30. Carl Jones says:

    lawyers audrey sager, michaei dikman, alexander potruch, raul felder, dominick barbara, michael riley, norman bock, sari friedman, wisselman and harounian, robert broderick, michael joseph,
    steven greenfield, Steven Fink and all the other alleged matrimonial lawyers must be stopped from stealing money from litigants to allegedly resolve their divorce and custody cases. PLs. write complaint about misconduct of these lawyers to your grievance commitee and do not hire these lawyers for your matrimonial cases as they will take as much as they can from you and do nothing for you be aware of abuses of Howard Felcher and Andrew Ayers, Gassman, Shissel and others. Pls write complaints to inspector general, to your district attorney, to the FBI about all misconduct you come across about these lawyers and other players in the system to steal money from litigants and the public based on their ability to get ex parte communications with judges

  31. Harriet Burns says:

    Theft of litigants money by forensic doctors, lawyers for kids, and supervised parenting time which court orders and you have to have money extorted to pay for forensic doctors on a list that the court has of friends of theirs that they get kickbacks or cash back from. Some of the forensics such as doctor robert kaplan recommended in ny courts litigants are forced to pay $25,000 for his recommendation when it should be paid by court as they force you to go and Dr. Paul and Randolf Marcus charge you about $7,500 as they embellish the need for excessive meetings and testing and their wives due the evaluations too. They are the parasites of the courts as supervised parenting time such as comprehensive family services make you pay cash of $65 to $250 an hour to babysit you while you are with your child due to drummed up allegations that you cannot be alone with your own child so you have them come along with you and you have to pay them for travel one hour fee and for each call and email and while they are with you they are texting and doing whatever and micromanage you. watch out as they are slick extortionists of your cash pay to see your kids or they suspend your visits and threaten you and over your head it that they can control you as they write a report about your abilities as a parent as they see it.

  32. John Smith says:

    judge jackman brown puts cases and motions out a year or more since she was appointed and seems to favor people of color. She now comes in late and takes long lunches just like all the other judges. Judge Jackman Brown was the only one to get two law assistants and she allows poliically connected lawyers to churn cases for years before her. She takes cases of Audrey Sager, Gemelli and others who contribute to her race for judgeship. Other judges with conflict is Judge Bernice Segal as her husband is head of the working class party but she does election law in the Queens Supreme court which is conflict of interest. Her daughter Rebecca is a district leader of the Weprin Club and Eleanor Roosevelt Democratic Political Club and this is a conflict of interest. She got the judgeship it is thought because she ran for city council against David Weprin who wanted the council seat so he arranged for her to get the judgeship. There are several people fromt he clubs on the board of election such as Mr. Taylor and others.
    Litigants complain about Judge Kitzes fixing small business deals at litigants expense to help lawyers. Complaints about Judge Nahyman for former surrogates work in fixing cases at litants expense. Corruption rampant in Quens Supreme and need for removal of Mr. Terronova in bar association due to corruption and abuse of his duties. Need term limits in assembly, senate, da, congress, county clerks, and all other positions of 8 years max fund raising to be stopped no unions to give money to races.

  33. DoxFoxx says:

    Nestor Soto PD Mildred Negron Referee gave no evidentiary hearing and denied jurisdiction now awaiting appeal

  34. Maria la says:


    The place is Supreme Court/New York County, 60 Centre Street, Manhattan, New York 10007: the courtroom of Justice Alice Schlesinger, Room 222. The time is 3 p.m. The occasion is the oral argument that Justice Schlesinger has scheduled for the June 17, 2014 reargument/vacatur for fraud motion I made, on behalf of the People of the State of New York and the public interest, for a judicial declaration of the Commission’s corruption – and for referral of the systemic public corruption the Commission covered up to appropriate investigative and prosecutorial authorities.

  35. djuancollins says:

    My 7yr old son Isaiah has been wrongfully taken from my home in 2007 by emergency removal from the care of his grandmother by ACS worker, Dawn Forrester and then wrongfully placed in a non relative foster home instead of relatives. My son continues to languish needlessly in foster care. Brooklyn Family court judge Michael Ambrosio made an biased and erroneous opinion that I permanently neglected my son by failing to provide an adoptive resource and that the agency Graham Windham fulfilled their diligent efforts to me while in prison. In doing so this judge violated my due process rights because the agency did not assist me with the planning of my son but told me that I could not plan for my son due to my incarceration. They allowed the mother to plan who has a history of drug abuse and her parental rights terminated to her other 6 kids. I am now in Judge Mulroy’s court in a pure best interest hearing where I am being cross examined. It is now nearing final disposition. I have the following court dates, 1-5-15, 1-6-15, 1-7-15. If the agency didn’t fulfill their diligent efforts then the court is without jurisdiction to find permanent neglect. My attorney at the time Mrs. Vivienne Hewitt, didn’t argue jurisdiction. By proceeding forward with a pure best interest hearing the court is doing so without jurisdiction and therefore committing treason against the u.s. Constitution. I want these judges, attorneys, law guardian Steven Bernstein, and social workers held criminally accountable. Can someone please help me to Save Isaiah and have him reunited with his loving family. You can reach me @ 929-227-8873 or email me @ djuancollins79@gmail.com. Thank you

  36. Deena Green says:

    Queens bar association has same people running for office each year and investigations must be done as to which lawyers are on their legal referral panel and why George Nashak, Mr. Brown, and others hold same offices or switch jobs from year to year and investigations of Mr. Terranova must be done as he runs the bar association for a very long time and he gets improper assignments of surrogates court work. Lawyers by law cannot earn more than $5000 a year but in Queens and other county the politically connected lawyers get endless assignments of surrogates court work, receiverships, guardianships and investigations must be done and those connected in any way to politicians must be precluded from getting assignments and all cases must be rotated fairly we ask for cameras in all court rooms and chambers of every judge and in every police station and on every officer that do not turn off and we want transcripts in form of recordings provided for $10 to each litigant and stop the court reporters as we must not have legal fees extorted from us any longer we want oversight committee of each city, state, and federal court as judiclal misconduct commission does nothing to protect the rights of litigants. If judges do not alow due process, do not follow the laws of the state and country they must be prosecuted, removed and fined no more judicial immunity but accountability and transparency asap lets vote to elect judges we select not get stuck with ones who do political favors for politicians lets petition to remove judge weinstein from administrative judge of queens supreme and remove judge stokinger from queens family court and investitate way cases handled in those courts and criminal courts along with the appelllate courts wherein extortion and lack of transparancy takes place

  37. Kara Butler says:

    Judge Steven Bogacz makes litigants wait all day for their cases to be called and refuses to give time certain appointments. His officers work at the Democratic National Convention and other political events for politicians. He used to work for corporation counsel and now does juvenile justice cases mostly in Queens for many years and he wrote the book on juvenile justice but why is this judge allowed to come in and start cases at 11 but have litigants sit around from 9am on all day with no notification when case will be called only rational is to make money for their assigned lawyers and for the system corporation counsel and he is often on extended vacations and the part opens back up at about 2:45pm but the court house is empty by that time as it is a set up to have everyone come in and wait around all morning to earn fees for 18b lawyers the judge signs vouches for and this is a conflict of interest as the lawyers loyalty is to the judge not their clients.as they are paid by judge and judge selects lawyers he is friends with unfair and unconstitituional the judge makes orders by denying due process and by violating the constitution.

  38. sarasmith says:

    It is imperative that judge stephen bogacz in queens family court be removed and investigated due to years and years of abuse of discretion and violation of due process of litigants. Also to be investigated and removed asap are referee julie stanton due to her incompetence and unethical conduct. Magistrate Contaratos and Judge Stokinger must also be removed and investigated. In Queens Supreme Court it is a travesty to justice that Judge Jeremy Weinstein is permitted to stay as administrative judge when he engages in criminal behavior and handpicks lawyers and judges to fix cases in his court for over 10 years. His brother was removed as a lawyer for misconduct concerning the surrogates court. This judge knows about theft in the surrogates court and sets the theft up along with sets up other judges in his court to engage in churning of cases for years and investigations must take place. 18b lawyers such as frank galchus, christine marshall, stephen greenfield must be removed from 18b panel and director harriet weinberger must be investigated and removed due to her misconduct for years. Investigations of many judges must take place and they must be removed. we need cameras in each court room, chamber of each judges that do not shut off

  39. sarasmith says:

    Frank Galchus is a lawyer on the 18b panel who along with the other 18b lawyers basically sits around and works for the judges who sign his vouchers and this system must be stopped and this lawyer forced to earn a living rather than meddling in families who do not want or need him involved in their cases. If you get him assigned to you ask for a new lawyer and make a complaint if he or any 18b lawyer does not represent you properly and complaints against christine marshall and stephen greenfield are warranted as they have misrepresented litigants based on their selfishness. Investigations must be done about these 18b lawyers and their director harriet weinberger.

  40. dara bennet says:

    Do not ever hire Michael B Schulman, Steve Smith, George Soroti, Sari Friedman, Alexander Potruch, Audrey Sager, Raul Felder, Wisselman and Harounian, Michael Riley, Christine Marshall, Frank Galchus, Steve Greenfield as they will take your money and churn your case for years and be mean to you

  41. Help stop way judges and referees selected in NY by writing letters to the mayor and governor asap and try to get petitions going for reforms to our courts. Write to the chief judges and rally at the courts to stop abuses to litigants and failure to get justice to the people in NY. Give litigants a disc of their proceedings and stop having court reporters in the court house as we need to be assured that our case is handled fairly. We need Judge Lippman to resign and to have term limits for judges of no more than 6 years and want judges, clerks, officers rotated between courts every two years. We must elect our judges from a choice of at least six people and we must stop having politicians involved in our court system as we know it is done this way so they can get unjust relief from the judges and to get politicians in to office based on favorltism of judges along with their lawyer friends gettting enriched by unfair assignments, receiverships, guardianships, and surrogate court assignments and investigations must take place especially in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens Courts right away. Go to Albany and Washington to get legislators to do bills to reform the court system now in every court

  42. Jenny Ho says:

    divorce and family court lawyers stole my life savings and I want to get justice from this abuse to me and to my family and I need your help so pls. write letters to those with power to fix things that are going wrong for all New Yorkers and all Americans. We need to do term limits for judges and we need to get rid of bad judges in all our courts.criminal, family, supreme, and appellate court now. If you had a problem in a court or someone you know did pls. write your comments here and ideas to fix the system. We need to know the name of the lawyers and the judges you had a problem with and you must try to sue them for damages to get justice and be sure to make complaints to the proper people so that the public will know. It is a good idea to contact the newspapers and tv stations about the abuses you were subjected to


    MARGARET PARISI-MCGOWAN is a disgrace to the LEGAL SYSTEM she has a STRONG INDIGNANT TASTE that evokes her SPIRIT to unlawfully abuses her authority to VIOLATE your constitutional RIGHTS… She has unconstitutionally and illegally ordered innocent people to the psychiatric ward of Elmhurst Hospital in which QUEENS FAMILY COURT has contracted with ELMHURST HOSPITAL to incarcerate and ENSLAVE…….innocent people on a DAY to DAY bases AGAINST THEIR WILL and TO act as if the person has VOLUNTEERED to participate in such psychiatric treatment. Many of these innocent people are apart of the working class, people of color, women, children, families, people who are living below the poverty line, people who are ignorant to REAL LAW, people who LOVE THEIR CHILDREN AND WOULDN’T HURT THEIR CHILDREN and are being crucified for their personal beliefs, and people who NEVER COMMITTED A CRIME. Margaret Parisi-McGowan is a LIAR and a MODERN DAY SLAVE MASTER AND TRADER. She say’s that she “save lots of kids and lives and turn families around”. FAIR WARNING TO ALL…….her MOTIVATION is to ACT out of BIAS and MALICE to ABDUCT CHILDREN from their FAMILIES to hold INNOCENT people in CAPTIVITY to DESTROY families and lives for her OWN FAKE COMMERCIAL INTEREST SHE SECRETLY HAS for anyone who stands before her.. SHAME ON HER AND TO ALL THE REST WHO FOLLOW IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF CORRUPTION, GREED, BIAS AND LIES.

  44. Tamara says:

    Hi I need help with my case at family court before is too later my ex work in the hospital I believe one day he will hurt my son one day if someone dont helping me with my son case something happened I don’t know what I would do the Referee misese treated me and don’t want anything happens to my son my son been sulfur over my the court system in America and please I need someone to help me with my case I can offer lawyer that we’ve referee refuse to give me one lawyer I don’t have a job I’m getting help by my new husband please help before something happen please I need help thank you

  45. Rita Hayward says:

    Andrew Ayers is a lawyer who has offices in Brooklyn and NJ. His license to practice law must be taken from him due to his corruption. He is a big mouthed fat ugly guy who extorted money from me and my family due to his corruption. He is a liar so do not hire him to represent you and make complaints about him to lose his license to practice law in our state. He used to work with corrupt and unethical lawyer Howard Felcher who also must be removed from the bench due to his extortion, corruption, malpractice.

  46. Blanca Jones says:

    Ade Fasanya is a judge in Manhattan Family Court. He was a lawyer in Queens. He is from Nigeria. This man is unethical and caused many problems for many litigants due to his unethical and corrupt way of practicing law. This man must be taken off the bench and punished for his crimes. Make complaints about your experience with this former lawyer for children who only cares about himself and does not follow the law as he fixes cases to make money for corporation counsel.

  47. Mary Smith says:

    Referee Julie Stanton is a referee in Queens Family Court. She was in other counties but got sent back to Queens. She is incompetent, unfair, abusive, selfish, mean, and she must be punished for her abuses to litigants and to attorneys. This referee must never be permitted to become a judge so pls. post your complaints and write letters of complaint against this referee who must be taken off the bench and prosecuted for her crimes against litigants and children in our state and city.

  48. Sally Johnson says:

    Judge Jackman Brown is a judge in Queens Family Court. This judge goes on the bench around noon and closes her part at about 12:30 keeping litigants and lawyers waiting hours to hear their cases when she only has one motion day on Thursday. This judge must be removed from the bench due to her laziness and her incompetence at resolving cases. It is clear that this judge and many or most of the Queens Supreme Judges are only there because they are politically connected and they are told to keep churning cases and to not resolve cases for years. This judge is meanspirited and puts motions out sometimes for a year even though she hardly has any work to do. She favors only African American people.

  49. Jim Brothman says:

    Judge Bogacz is a family court judge who does juvenile justice cases and has litigants often waiting all day outside his part. The judge took custody away from a man named Rolando because his son allegedly needed glasses so they put the child in foster care for five months and found out after when the tv stations interviewed him in court that the child never needed glasses at all and now the man works for Rev Al Sharpton on a committee called Preservation of the Family to stop abuses by Judges like Judge Bogacz and others from hurting innocent parents and their children by extorting legal fees from parents who go before this judge and he has the same guards in his court room every day who work for the democratic party events and the same court reporter each day named Pete so that the judge can take many vacations, not sign papers lawyers present to him. This judge has made abusive orders to hurt parents and children intentionally just because he may not like a parent. Make complaints to chief judges about this judge and try to post your complaints asap.

  50. Jennifer Finkelstein says:

    Judge Sidney Strauss is a judicial hearing officer who is incompetent and irrational. This judge must be removed from the bench for good due to his harm of so many litigants due to his temper tantrums in court. This judge is a political guy who did not get the judgeship based on merit. This judge must be punished for his crimes to innocent victims whose lives he ruined including Annmarie Macavoy who this judge gave custody to the ex husband of their only child when the child wanted to live with the mother and the mother had to spent a million dollars to try to get her son back as she was a fit mom who is an attorney and a prosecutor but the judge let his lawyer friend Audrey Sager win the case for the father. This was a travesty of justice warranting this judge being removed from the bench being sued and being prosecuted. This judge also caused a woman whom he took her daughter from to flip out and to arrange for the killing of her ex husband leaving her child with no parents and the father never had wanted custody at all but the judge wanted to extort legal fees from the parents and churn the cases for years to hurt these families. Judge Strauss must be punished for his crimes and he is not fit to be on the bench so pls. write your complaints against this judge asap.

  51. John Dailey says:

    Magistrate Contaratos is a family court support magistrate who is a mean and vengeful person who must never become a judge in our state. Pls. post complaints about this support magistrate and if you get stuck with her you will have to sit outside her part for hours on end probably all day each time you go to court as she does not do time certain appointments so she makes about thirty five people sit outside her part all day. Pls. write to the chief judges and the grievance committee about this abusive and mean magistrate who must be removed from the bench from Queens Family Court also write complaints about Judge Stokinger who allows this abuse to go on for years and encourages the referees and judges to not permit time certain appointments so money can be made for corporation counsel.

  52. Mike Myer says:

    Frank Galchus is a lawyer in Queens courts who got on the 18b panel of lawyers along with his wife. These lawyers do not represent clients properly and they are seen sitting around reading their books instead of representing their clients. They use to be in the Queens Criminal Courts for years doing nothing and now we are stuck having them assigned to help indigent people when Frank Galchus has a mean attitude problem and he is not a good advocate and never returns calls or responds to emails from his clients or from other lawyers. The 18b panel in Queens must be revamped and Harriet Weinberger must be replaced as the one who selects the lawyers for the panel and this panel must be watched and evaluated as many of the lawyers must be removed asap such as Steve Greenfield who is totally lazy lawyer and corrupt thief who brags that he lives in West Hampton Beach when he used money he stole from clients to get his house out there. Pls. write complaints about these lawyers who are milking the system.

  53. Jinnie Gomez says:

    Bernice Segal is a judge in Queens Supreme who is married to Kevin Lynch who was head of the Working Family Party and it is conflict for her to be on the bench. This judge is not competent and should be removed due to the conflict of interest as she makes decisions on election law cases and this is unfair to the people. She is friends with the chief judge Jeremy Weinstein in Queens Supreme who also must be removed from the bench due to his and his brother getting sued in federal court for taking excessive money in many surrogate court cases and his brother John was removed as a lawyer due to this corruption. Judge Weinstein must be removed as chief judge due to the rampant corruption in the Queens Supreme Court. Judge Weinstein knows about and encourages the corruption in the Central Motion Part and in having judges not get to hear their cases so the wool can be pulled over their eyes. Investigations of rampant corruption in the Queens Supreme Court must be done asap so pls. post complaints and pls. ask for investigations and do not bring your case to this court if you want a fair trial as many judges such as Kitzes and many others are not doing their job and are not on the bench as when you walk around the court house you see that the court house is very quiet and no cases are being heard almost all afternoons and all morning you see a few parts with a ton of people outside so the lawyers can make money and clients can have money extorted from them and this is going on for many years pls. report corruption in the court that you know about.

  54. Jennie Chen says:

    Judge Braithwaite Nelson in Queens Supreme Court is unfair and dismissed my case for no reason and she manipulated things so that I did not get served with her dismissing my case. This judge is unfit to be on the bench and must be removed for cause from our court system. Pls. make complaints against this judge if she has hurt you or others you know

  55. Sheila O'Reilly says:

    Judge Jeremy Weinstein is a very bad administrative judge and he must be removed from our courts as he is in charge of Queens Supreme Court for many years despite he and his brother Jonathan being sued in federal court for stealing money from the surrogates court cases and this judge is not running the court properly and he encourages and permits misconduct by judges, lawyers, law assistants, officers, clerks and investigations must take place by a court watch patrol being assigned asap. Stop the abuses to litigants in Queens Supreme by demanding removal of corrupt judge Weinstein. Pls. send letters of complaints to the district attorney, to the chief judges of the city and state, to the grievance committee, judicial misconduct commission, and to the Eastern district.

  56. Kiwan Jones says:

    Judge Carol Stokinger is an unethical judge who runs the Queens Family Court. Pls write complaints about the misconduct that is taking place in the Queens Family Court to stop abuses to litigants rights. This judge encourages the judges in her court to keep cases churning for years to help keep the judges and other staff employed while they take away rights of good parents and keep good parents from their own children and this jusge must be investigated and prosecuted for her working with corporation counsel to take away children and their parents rights to make money for corporation counsel and ACS. The mental health panel of providers of doctors and social workers must be investigated for extortion of fees for providers for forensic evaluations, supervised parenting, and other exams ordered by the court and after forcing parents to pay for these costly providers which is extortion and report this extortion to the district attorney.

  57. Fran rachelli says:

    Attorney Margaret Stanton, Brooklyn divorce and adoption lawyer is a thief, totally incompetent and should be disbarred! She takes your money, takes your money, takes your money, then won’t return calls, “forgets” to forward you crucial correspondence from the other side, makes you look bad in court, blames you in front of the judge for her mistakes, and is not fit to practice. Don’t use her!

  58. shelley120froggie1 says:

    Is there anyone who can assist me that has to do with my 92 year old father? And his “alleged close friend” who became friendlier to my brother and has left me his daughter who has been caring for him “no longer acknoeledged, verbally mentally harassed yet I have all paper work in my possession.” IN black and white Judge blatantly lied said “hospital person ell did not like me so they Dr’s etc ignored me, allowed brother to givedad wrong dosage of meds for eight mobths. Dad is a former POW, a,bombardier aND once brother rifled thriugh dads paper he said oh dad dad
    Picked you? 2,days,layer I receive foreal revocation of my abilities to help him . Attorney lied Will his been changed I am no longer involved in his care or a thing bit am harassed by dad brother telling aides lies a AND MY CONCERN DAD IS BEING RIPPED OFF. He aldo forced mr to give him $15000 bacl from a CD MY mom left for me when she passed. Brother a retired mitary Col in marines..do tbey have tbe power to over ride the law? I am disabled however I am not stupid and he is adding to my health problemd. What can I do..if you a can really help I NEED IT. MY QUALITY OF LIFE HAS DETERIORATED…but I doubt I will hear back from you

    Home is 845 567 3125
    Cell 914474 1779

    Please help me

    and I am grea

  59. Bonnie Paley says:

    I had a case in judge Daniel Turbow kings county family court part19 The judge had know respect for me Im a grandmother of a seven year old and i never commited any harm to my grandson ACS lied and filed an article 10 against my grown daughter She was victimized by her sons father and suffered depression I was draged into it for talking loud and providing for my loving grandson The judge wouldnt never refer to my name What are we going to do with that grandmother I have wrote up the judge and the corupt attorney for the father Kennith Jaffee The judge left the court in May 2015 That attorney resigned from the law firm They lied in court to get my grandson to the father who never payed child support I kept the roof Im fighting and suing the A CS for false alligations

  60. Chekesha carter says:

    I want to know how to make a report or complaint about judge Carol stokinger and abusing legal rights of biological mother after biological mom has done all she was told to be able to regain custody of her childrrn. She’s abusing her position.?

  61. Tina Kaplan says:

    Nothing is changing in the Queens courts where politicians ensure that Judge Jeremy Weinstein stays the administrative judge in Queens Supreme and Judge Stokinger remains the chief judge in Queens Family Court. These judges must be forced to step down as they are not fair or honest in their runnings of their courts. Judge Weinstein forces all attorneys and litigants into an insane motion part for hours each day if they even want to put a motion in on their case. The judges do not even send you notification if they are doing a conference and if you do not look on e courts they will dismiss your case and hold a secret conference behind your back. The judges sit around all day in empty court rooms. The judges are there to get cases set up for them to fix for those attorneys who are politically connected. There is no justice in our court system only manipulation and extortion of money from litigants. Judge Jeremy Weinstein has numerous law suits against him in federal court. He was in trouble on a surrogates case when he and his brother Jon had a firm for stealing money and extorting fees on a surrogates case. His brother Jon it is believed lost his law license and the politicians dumped Jeremy into Queens Supreme when he did not make it in politics. Now we have to lobby for him to be removed and disciplined for his corruption in our courts for many years now. Pls. write letters to grievance committe, federal judiciary oversight committee in Washington DC, write complaints to inspector general. Most of the judges in place in Queens Supreme are there for a reason (to help take money from litigants and to help corrupt and politicially connected lawyers win their cases and give kickbacks or favors to loyal judges who later make it to the appellate division or other perks. Bring complaints to tv stations, newspapers, and to the district attorney, to the attorney general, and to Prett Behara at the US Attorney’s office Southern Division. He really is moving to get rid of corrupt people such as Shelly SIlver, Dean Skelos. IN Queens Family Cour and Queens Supreme investigations must take place asap of many corrupt judges, law guardians, 18b panel lawyers, social workers who do supervised parenting, referees, support magistrates and it starts at the top with removal and investigations of Judge Stokinger. SHe has a llowed cases to churn for years so that her courrpt and chosen laawyers, lawyers for children, mental heatlh evaluators, and others connected with theft and extortion in the Queens Family Court and other Queens Courts. Stop allowing politicians such as Sweeney, Reich, Boyles select judges in our county and Congressman Crowley and get judges and referees selected based on merit, education, and proven track record not based on contributions to the democratic party and favors. Stop allowing judges to be selected as pay to play by having tables of friends at Antuns and other fund raisers which is criminal activity and hurts our rights to fair and just resolution to our cases. Look at how long you have to wait around in the set up court rooms all morning as judges and referees come in at around 10 and they start at about 11 and have you there at 9 and you have to wait hours and hours and the court houses are ghost towns all afternoon. Settle your cases on your own or you will be sorry to step into the corruption of our court system where everything is set up to steal your rights and money. We are still waiting for removal of Referee Julie Stanton, Judge Sid Strauss, Judge Jeremy Weinstein, Judge Carol Stokinger , Judge Fasanya, and so many others such as Magistrate Contaratos, Judge Hunt. It is imperative that we finally clean up the courts and demand term limits of 6 years for all judges. Revamp 18b panel of lawyers for children and 18b lawyers for litigants to vote on who is on panel and term limits of 6 years on the panel. Get rid of a lot of the mental health panel providers who overcharge and extort money from litigants and bring them up on charges if stealing and investigate asap term limits for them also of 6 years max and for social workers and others who supervise parents and their children. Remove Harriet Weinberger finally from supervising 18b and lawyer for kids program. Get cameras in all court rooms and give litigants disc of all proceedings and get rid of court reporters as we cannot afford their fees and abusive to charge us for our own cases get tapes for us for $10 a day. Get all court appearances time certain and rotate court officers, clerks, judges every two years to a new court.

  62. Do you have any resources in Oregon. I lost custody of my daughter. After her father took her out of state . Had to use a writ of Habbeas corpus to bring her back to Oregon. Over a six year battle of going back to court. Help please.

  63. Amy Won says:

    Thankfully Trump won the presidential race. We may be able to all write to him and to the Judiciary Committee in Washington DC and in Albany about our suggestions for reforms to the corrupt system. We need to find new way of selecting judges based on merit not connections with corrupt politicians who are looking to get receiverships, surrogates court work, and other favors by selecting certain corrupt people to become judges. We have to get oversight committes of the court system in each city, state, and in our federal courts. We have to demand the disciplining and removal of all corrupt, biased, and unfair judges and referees who do not follow the laws and constitution of our state and country. Write letters of complaint and keep a copy to the grievance committee, to the judicial misconduct commission, to Preet Behara, to the F.B.I, to the chief judge of the state and city. Write to the judiciary committee in Washington DC and in Albany. Call your local tv stations, newspapers, and all other media. Try your best to expose your case and how the court and judge harmed you with specific details and dates. Name the court officer, the clerks, the judge etc who continue to harm your family. Tell how much money you and your family have lost and have had stolen by the court, by the forensic doctor, by supervised parenting, by transcript costs etc.

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