NY DAILY NEWS: Rapist Continues to Work with Teens After Plea Deal

NY DAILY NEWS: Man accused of raping a teen has been working at a Brooklyn yeshiva.  A Borough Park man accused of raping a young boy has been working at a Brooklyn yeshiva for troubled teens – and the city’s Probation Dept. never barred him from contact with minors.

NY DAILY NEWS: Moshe Pinter accused of raping a young boy has been working at a Brooklyn yeshiva for troubled teens.

Moshe Pinter, 28, was arrested and charged with a trying to molest a 13-year old boy in 2007, but pled down the top felony charge to a misdemeanor child endangerment offense after the victim declined to testify against him, according to court records and sources.

Pinter was sentenced to three years of probation, but was not barred from working with minors.

For the past year Pinter has been working at Ohr Hameir Yeshiva in Borough Park chaperoning Hasidic teens on weekend getaways while parents had no idea of his criminal past – which also includes two theft convictions.

“It’s scary. My parents fell for it. They had no idea. He should be a million miles away from kids,” said the brother of a former student at the Tenth Ave. school. “They put him right back in the community.”

After an inquiry from the Daily News, a Probation Dept. spokesman said the agency is “investigating” Pinter’s role at the school.

“It is within the Department of Probation’s authority to determine whether Mr. Pinter is engaged in suitable employment and we have informed him that he is not permitted to have any contact with minors at [the yeshiva] while we investigate the situation,” department spokesman Ryan Dodge said.

Pinter did not respond to calls seeking comment. His lawyer, Kenneth Gribetz said Pinter “was never an employee of the school. He volunteered there.” Parents say he repeatedly identified himself as an “administrator.”

Child victim advocates said the case highlights the need for private schools to be legally obligated to run fingerprint and background checks on employees and for Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes to publicize the names of convicted perpetrators in the Jewish community.

Hynes has repeatedly refused to list the names of Jewish sex crime offenders, arguing it would lead to the underage victims being outed in the tight knit Orthodox community.

Victim advocates counter that past cases have shown the kids names are known in the community regardless, while their molesters and the details of the charges often stay secret.

Ohr Hameir touts itself as a haven for troubled Hasidic teens who have been tossed from mainstream religious schools, a group particularly vulnerable to sexual predators.

“It’s beyond sickening. You take a guy with a criminal background and put him in touch with the most vulnerable kids,” said Mark Meyer Appel, founder of Voice of Justice, a child advocacy group.

Pinter pled guilty to grand larceny charges last March and faces up to 15 years in prison at his October sentencing.

Important Message from Rabbi Nochem Rosenberg: This gangster used to be one of the Bouncers for Rabbi M.D. Unger of Crotchin, at the time that his father-in-law, Reb Naftuli zt”l of Bobov was on his deathbed. At that time, “pashkevillin” were distributed that he runs a brothel It is alleged that he sexually abused boys and girls of all ages He allegedly entered Camp Shalva in the middle of the night and sexually molested a number of boys. If you know any of his victims that did not reach age 23, or rape victims of any age, please contact Rabbi Rosenberg.

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4 Chassidim Arrested for Witness Intimidation in Sex Case

BROOKLYN — Four men were arrested Thursday morning for allegedly offering a $500,000 bribe to a sexually abused teenager to get her to drop charges against a popular Orthodox community counselor who is presently on trial in Brooklyn, DNAinfo.com New York has learned.

The four suspects — Jacob, Joseph and Hertzka Berger and Abraham Rubin — allegedly offered the hush money to the boyfriend of the victim, who accused Nechemya Weberman, 53, an unlicensed therapist, of molesting her. They were brought into the Brooklyn DA’s office at dawn.

She claimed Weberman had been abusing her for three years, starting when she was 12 and began receiving counseling from him. She is now 17.

Weberman’s arrest created a firestorm of controvery within the Orthodox community as factions took sides, with one group holding fundraisers for the accused — they raised more than $500,000 for his defense — while others vociferously protested the perceived attempt to protect a possible child abuser rather than his victim.

The two groups nearly came to blows during protests following a recent appearance by Weberman in a packed courtroom. His supporters insist he is incapable of a crime and accused the girl of lying. Her supporters stood firmly behind her and said she was being victimized twice.

According to sources, the four suspects reached out to the victim’s 22-year-old boyfriend.

“They contacted the boyfriend because they thought they could get to her through him,” a source said.

The men, speaking in Yiddish to the boyfriend, offered to pay $500,000 and insisted that he, his girlfriend, Weberman and the community as a whole would be better off if she took the bribe and the case went away, sources said. They suggested she could even move to Israel and start a new life.

The defendants also allegedly threatened to ruin the boyfriend’s business. He owns a Kosher restaurant, and they warned him they would rip down the sign on his store if his girlfriend did not go along with their plan. One afternoon, in fact, they allegedly tore down the sign to show they meant business.

The four suspects were rousted out of their homes around early Thursday morning, handcuffed and taken to the Brooklyn DA’s office on Jay Street shortly after 5 a.m.

They are scheduled to be arraigned later this afternoon, sources said.

Since 2009, DA Charles Hynes’ office has arrested more than 100 sex offenders within the ultra-Orthodox community after launching an outreach program called “Voice of Justice,” or Kol Tzedeck in Hebrew, to get victims to come directly to his office with complaints.
The arrests again focus attention on suspected widespread intimidation of victims of pedophilia and sex assaults within the ultra-Orthodox community, which has a historical cultural ban on cooperating with authorities and insists victims bring their complaints only to local rabbis.

In the past, victims who went to police were subjected to harsh harassment, ostracized, kicked out of synagogues, thrown out of schools and even tossed out of their homes.

The DA recently created the joint task force with the NYPD’s Special Victims Squad after Hynes was criticized for not doing more to crack down on victim intimidation within the community.

In a recent interview with “On The Inside,” Hynes said he hoped any future arrests for coercion or bribery would send a powerful message that might break the community’s traditional code of silence, known as “Messira,” a Hebrew epithet for “informant.”

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CNN’s Gary Tuchman Interviews Rabbi Nuchem Rosenberg and DA Charles Hynes

CNN Hasidic child sex abuse allegations – Child sex abuse scandals have been making headlines for years and bringing unwanted attention to a group bent on privacy. For Hasidim, every waking act is defined by the laws of the Torah; they depend on the teachings of rabbis to guide them in all parts of their day. Influence from the secular world threatens to invade their insular community.

Now revered leaders of the community are accused of protecting child predators and punishing the victims who dare to speak out about what was done to them, all to avoid outside involvement.

CNN’s Gary Tuchman talked with Rabbi Nuchem Rosenberg who is trying to change that attitude. He has created a hotline for victims and their families. As a result, he received death threats. He told Tuchman, “The rabbis feel very hurt that this is what’s happening in the community so they want to push it under the cover, so that it shouldn’t come out.”

Crimes against children by adults who claim to live the word of God are not new. Many religions have demons, and the ultra-Orthodox Jews are no exception. Most deny it could happen in their midst. Child rape and molestation don’t fit their pious image.

In Brooklyn, there are allegations of abuse in schools, homes and religious settings. Several boys say they were assaulted in a ritual bath called a mikvah. For all branches of Judaism, the mikvah is the ultimate symbol of purity. Some Orthodox men go there before each Sabbath. Under the guise of observance, the accused find their victims where they are most vulnerable and trusting – a heinous strategy.

Still some victims and their families choose to bury the assaults or seek redress in a rabbinic court to avoid the alternative: Rabbis losing authority, bringing disgrace to the community, and suffering the backlash of friends and neighbors.

Pearl Engelman says her son was repeatedly molested by a school official as a young boy 20 years ago. After she found out about the abuse, she reported it to religious leaders but there was little sympathy for her family. “We stand for truth, for justice. And the cover-up is deeply painful to me,” she told Tuchman. The statute of limitations has now expired.

The Hasidim in Brooklyn are a powerful voting block. That’s why District Attorney Charles Hynes is accused by victims’ rights advocates of going easy on alleged Hasidic child molesters and rapists. He’s been elected six times, and is accused of appeasing the rabbis in order to get their support and keep his position.
Hynes strongly denies the allegations. In 2009, he established a program and a hotline to help victims called Kol Tzedek (“Voice of Justice” in Hebrew). But critics are outraged because he refuses to disclose the names of the men arrested through the initiative. The Jewish Daily Forward’s request for the records filed under the state’s Freedom of Information Law was denied.

Hynes claims that revealing the names of the suspects could lead to the community identifying the victims and intimidating them. That decision raises concerns about the rights of the public, the legality of shielding the men, and the DA’s motives.

Tuchman asked Hynes how he reconciles instituting a policy for the Hassidim, but no other groups, like the Roman Catholic Church. He says because “there’s never been any intimidation by priests.”

In a May 16 op-ed, Hynes wrote:

Since the inception of Kol Tzedek, we have made 95 arrests; 53 cases have been adjudicated, with a conviction rate of 72%.
I stand by these numbers.

The statistics show how absurd it is to suggest that we cover up, downplay or in any way “give a break” to sex offenders in the Orthodox Jewish community. Like any other defendants, they are often arrested in public by the police, and their court appearances are open and available to the public as part of the public record. I welcome scrutiny of these cases.

The suggestion that I have ever condoned the practice of first seeking a rabbi’s advice before an Orthodox Jewish community member reports sexual abuse is a distortion of my record. I have never suggested that someone seeking the advice of a rabbi is then relieved of the obligation of reporting sexual abuse to the appropriate authorities.

While some may persist in protecting the community ahead of justice for the young victims, there are signs of progress. On June 10, a group of ultra-Orthodox Jews held a meeting in Crown Heights to talk about combating child sex abuse. Hynes was on the panel. Some rabbinic leaders have said anyone with knowledge of abuse should go to the police and do not need to talk first with a rabbi. It will take the courage of the victims and the compassion of the community to make lasting change.

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NY DAILY NEWS: Rapist Weberman’s Trial Delayed, Satmar Yeshiva Held in Contempt

NY DAILY NEWS: A scheduled trial for a Hasidic counselor accused of molesting a teenage girl was postponed Thursday because of procedural hurdles — which critics slammed as stalling tactics by the defense.

Lawyers for Nechemya Weberman, 53, said a yeshiva that the accuser attended has yet to respond to a subpoena requesting records, prompting a Brooklyn Supreme Court judge to authorize a contempt proceeding against the Williamsburg school.

Defense attorneys also indicated they’re contemplating a change of venue motion. They will likely argue that recent publications on the district attorney’s handling of sex abuse cases involving Orthodox Jews has tainted the jury pool, sources said.

But such requests are almost never granted, according to legal experts.

“They think that if they stall long enough, the pressure will get to the victim,” Joel Engelman, an advocate for abuse victims, said of the defense team.

He noted that the non-cooperative Satmar yeshiva, United Talmudic Academy, is affiliated with Weberman, who was arrested on February 2011.

Defense lawyer George Farkas said any motion is meant to properly represent his client.

“If there is any fairness or justice in this world, this man is going to be exonerated,” he declared.

The now 17-year-old girl claimed Weberman forced her to perform sex acts starting when she was 12 after her school referred her to him for counseling.

“My understanding is that they’re still steadfast,” Engelman said of her family. “But they’re under enormous pressure.”

Alleged victims in the insular, ultra-Orthodox community are routinely subjected to repercussions and threats, prosecutors and advocates have said.

The contentious case pitted supporters and detractors of Weberman last month when a fundraiser for his legal fees was met with protesters.

The case is now scheduled to July 18 for a decision on the defense motions.

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Levi Deutsch Sentenced to 18 Months Prison for Money Laundering

Brooklyn Eagle: Local man gets prison in N.J./B’klyn corruption case TRENTON, N.J. (AP) — An Israeli citizen who lived in Brooklyn and was arrested in New Jersey’s largest corruption and money laundering sting three years ago has been sentenced to prison.

A federal judge in Trenton sentenced Levi Deutsch to 18 months and ordered him to forfeit $25,000.

Deutsch pleaded guilty last year to one count of money laundering conspiracy.

Prosecutors say the Brooklyn resident was part of a scheme to illegally launder money through religious charities. They say he and others took $200,000 in checks from government informant Solomon Dwek and returned about 90 percent of it in cash after taking a percentage as a fee.

Dwek allegedly told Deutsch that the money came from the sale of counterfeit handbags.

About two-thirds of the 46 people arrested in the sting have pleaded guilty or been convicted. Many of them are from the Syrian Jewish communities in New Jersey and Brooklyn.

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NY POST: 40 Bronx Prosecutors Boozing Bash in Ticket-Fixing Evidence Room

NY POST: Bronx prosecutors held boozy bash in main ticket-fixing evidence room. A rowdy group of Bronx prosecutors took over the main evidence room in the NYPD ticket-fixing scandal — drinking and partying among the piles of tapes and files before a Yankee game, The Post has learned.

About 40 people, including prosecutors and their civilian guests, milled around room 617 during the boozy May 23 bash at the Bronx District Attorney’s Office, where, sources said, Internal Affairs probers keep the mountain of wiretaps and documents for DA Robert Johnson’s sweeping ticket-fixing case against 16 NYPD cops and five civilians.

“It could damage the whole ticket-fixing case,” a source who witnessed the revelry told The Post.

“If even one civilian got through the door, it’s a problem. Evidence must be safeguarded in a secure location.”

The door to room 617 is usually locked and bears a sign that reads: “No Unauthorized Entry.”

It’s unclear whether someone in IAB granted the city lawyers access or whether someone in the DA’s Office had the key.

During its ticket-fixing probe, IAB secretly recorded a staggering 139,000 phone calls and intercepted 311,000 text messages and e-mails. The judge in the case has said there are also an estimated 20,000 pages of grand-jury minutes and testimony.

“Evidence is everywhere in there, stacked in boxes, floor to ceiling,” one source said of room 617. “It’s the field office for Bronx IAB.”

“The reason this is a problem is that the room is supposed to be locked 24/7.”

“This will raise questions. This is no way to run an investigation. The Bronx DA will have to admit it happened . . . There were too many people, too many witnesses [not to].”

The Wednesday night party — a warm-up for that evening’s Bronx DA Night at Yankee Stadium — started at the Bronx’s DA’s sixth floor reception area, which had been set up as a bar, sources said.
But prosecutors, their girlfriends and other guests were soon milling in and out of room 617, a witness said.

“They were all right there, next to the evidence,” the witness said.
A spokesman for DA Johnson confirmed the pre-game festivities but insisted the party didn’t compromise evidence.

“Present and former staff members and their families gathered at the office prior to attending a Yankees game,” said DA spokesman Steve Reed.

“They conducted themselves maturely and did nothing to compromise the work of the office.”

One source scoffed at the notion that “families” were included in the boozy blowout and said there were no kids in sight.

“If your family includes a stable of hot women, then I guess you could call it a ‘family’ event,” the source said.

With the drinks free-flowing, several partygoers even bailed on the Yankee game.

“Most never made it to the game. It’s always that good of a party,” one source said.

It’s unclear whether IAB investigators or detectives and rank-and-file NYPD cops attended the festivities.

But one law-enforcement source heard cops discussing the party ahead of time.

“I heard people joking that this party was going on, and that we should go after them,” the source said.

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Levi Aaron Jewish Boy Butcher Back in Court Tomorrow

Please come support the victim’s family!  Levi Aron, the butcher who killed the innocent Leiby Kletzky boy in Brooklyn, is back in court tomorrow, Friday.

320 Jay Street, Brooklyn, Part VC-7
Tomorrow, Friday, May 24, Levi Aron will have a hearing, first thing in the morning, 9:00 am! at Kings Supreme Court – Criminal Term / Part – VC-7

Does anybody still remember who this is?

Does anybody still care?

Leiby Kletzky is unfortunately buried In the ground, and many other are unfortunately buried alive, whether it is by the Yeshivas that kick them around, or the molesters who bury them into insanity.


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