Belz Molester Menachem (Mendel) Deutsch Appeared in Court Today July 1, 2011

Belzer Molester Mendel Deutsch in Court Today

Menachem (Mendel) Deutsch, only 19 years old and married for barely six months, member of Belz Chassidus showed up today in Part AP1F on the 4thfloor of Kings Country Criminal Court, Brooklyn NY, before the Honorable Judge Green in a sealed special part. Represented by the famed attorney Izzy Freid, who most recently representing high profile pedophiles in the  Orthodox Jewish Community in Brooklyn NY.  Deutsch was accompanied by one measly supporter, outcast menuval Ari Deutsch, his uncle from Boro Park. Noticeably absent was anybody from Belz in support of his crime, and not even a single Rabbi.

Allegedly, there are now three victims, young boys who were molested by what now appears to be, a seasoned and professional criminal with intentions of sexual abuse.

The courtroom was packed with supporters for the victims and their families. CALA, The Voices of Justice, Rabbi Nuchem Rosenberg, JBAC, and many other advocacy groups and representative were present to ensure that another pedophile will be off the streets.

Thankfully, this case was the first one called, on erev shabbos kodesh. The prosecutor from the District Attorney’s office presented the case, and the defense attorney Israel Freid requested an adjournment for one month to August 4, 2011 to allow more time for an offer which is still “discussion”.

Apparently, a plea is being discussed. More support for the victims is needed, to encourage them to continue with strength and empower them not to drop the charges, due to community and Rabbinical pressure. Additionally, circulating a photograph of Deutsch will surely turn up more victims.

Can we afford to see him out on six months parole, because everybody was afraid to press charges?


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